Life is tiring but it is also fun

Life is tiring especially when you have to work and do other things at the same time...imagine waking up at 5.40 and reaching home at 11.30...

But we only have one life to live...I know life can be tiring but it can also be fun, depending on how you look at it...

Tomorrow will be another day and I don't want to miss something special everyday...I want to live life to the fullest. Today at Harvest Centre, I realized a girl there did not go to school for a whole year because she took care of the mother but the mom passed away already and now she is slower than other people by one academic year. I was speechless when I heard that.

Life is complicated but when I looked into the eyes of the girl, I knew for certain she believes in hope and she has faith to live on...I want to be part of this story and the many others left in pain and struggles...

Life is tiring but it is also fun, all the more when I see those genuine smile...that is my motivation...tomorrow is another day!!

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