Why you should jailbreak?

After jailbreaking the iPhone, I realized there are certain flaws after that. While the battery lifespan of a smartphone is expected to be limited, the jailbreak makes the battery lifespan even worse. Well, I don't have much issue with it since I have the charger with me most of the time. I also have the car charger so battery lifespan is not too big a deal for me.

Secondly, another issue after jailbreak is that the iBook keep crashing. The problem is solved by installing Corona on Cydia.

Some other issues with jailbreak is the occasional lag and stuttered suffered by the iPhone. But seriously, this happens to even phones that have not been jailbreak.

So, why did I said jailbreak?

I know that most people like the idea of jailbreak because of all the customization that could be done. The tweaks and customization could be fun but it won't be long lasting. Imagine having to tweak your phone all the time. Unless you are one of those computer genius, you won't have that time. If you really like the customization, get an Android instead.

I personally like jailbreak because of the apps that one could have. The problem with the App Store is that there is no trial period...something that Windows marketplace is implementing. I wouldn't want to spend money buying apps that turn out to be a flaw or an app that I don't like. With jailbreak, I can try all these apps and the right way to put it is that I can play with all these different apps....without spending a dime. And if I really like them, then I can purchase them for my iPad as well....So honestly, if you don't mind the battery issue, jailbreak should be an option for you...for you to experience the apps that are available on Apple store...after all, this is one of the main attraction in iPhone that beat out all the rest. So, I don't see a reason not to jailbreak it to experience what iPhone is good at....the apps!!

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