15 easy ways for 15 minutes of exercise a day

The most common reasons for every individual for not being able to stay in a good health or good fitness level is the lack of time to exercise...

Here are 15 easy ways for 15 minutes of exercise a day...

1. Log off Facebook

If you had no idea, then it's time to get this into your head...according to a statistic done by Neilsen, most people spend on average 7 hours a month on Facebook. It is a matter of simple mathematic....7 hours a month equivalent to 105 minutes each week and exactly 15 minutes every single day. I'm not exaggerating to the point of boycotting FB but manage your life and the best way is to limit it to two session a day, like once in the morning with your favourite coffee and one in the evening later.

2. Say "NO"

If you are always saying Yes to the requests of others, you will not have time for anything...so start saying "NO" even if it is a date with some hot chicks!

3. Plan your day

By scheduling your activities and ToDo lists, you will find it being done faster and more efficient...you will also be more aware of the 15 minutes that you have to give for exercise...

4. Stay focus on what you have to do

Multitasking has been a popular trend but it is important to stay focus on what you have to do...this way, you will begin to find how fast some works could be done...and that will give you more time...

5. Skip the commercial on TV

Most movie last for 2 hours and in between, you will find the commercial on air for about 15 minutes...make use of this time for your workout session...

6. Decide and act!!

It is important to make decision. If you go for shopping, make sure that you plan ahead, decide and buy whatever you acted on it....do not be easily affected by the advertisements or promotions. If you decide to go to PJ for dinner, by all means, just go...if you decided to do something, plan ahead, decide and act on it...stop wasting time considering and reconsidering...

7. Write it on your ToDo list and your Calendar

Write down the 15 minutes that you have to allocate for running or any form of exercise....ink it or highlight it or even allow the reminder to notify you on your iPhone....it will REMIND you.

8. Set Timer

Whether you are sleeping, surfing the web, playing games, or any form of activities, set a timer so that you will be alerted and move on to other important daily stuff...

9. Be organize

This is the most important part....if you are organize in terms of the things that you put in the house and your daily activities, you will find that you stopped wasting time on unnecessary issues.

10. Set our your stuff

Setting out your exercise attire at night somehow encourage you to wake up in the morning to go for exercise instead of hitting snooze or skipping the whole affair completely. 

11. Get up 15 minutes earlier

If you feel that you don't have the extra 15 minutes, then I'm sure by getting up 15 minutes earlier give you that time to exercise. 

12. Learn indoor workouts

Most people thought that gym is the place to workout and exercise but if you learn the right workout methods, you can do it in any indoor area. It also save your time to travel to the gym. You will also have the flexibility to workout after feeling tired with work or any other indoor activities.

13. Touch it once

When you do your work, try to touch it just once...this means that no revisiting on previous work due to error or unfinished business. This way, you will not waste time on this. 

14. Get a workout partner

One of the best ways to keep one healthy is by going for exercise. And I think that by getting a workout partner, the 15 minutes will definitely come. There will be a constant motivation and push for one another.

15. Just Do It

Last but not least, it is super important to follow what Nike says: Just Do It...no point talking about exercise, fitness or workout so much....just do it!!

Change your attire if you have to, but if not, it is still okay...start your exercise NOW!! Just Do It!!

I guess that's all for now...time to sleep...very tired already...zzzz....

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