Nokia Lumia 800

Well, first of all, I must admit this one thing before I start posting on Nokia Lumia 800....somehow deep down inside, I expected Microsoft to come out with something more significant with Nokia, but while Lumia did not hit the bar, it comes off quite good.

Nokia Lumia 800

Let's not forget about the little brother, Nokia Lumia 710.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is something that is special because it is the first handset produced from the Nokia-Microsoft tied-up. The Nokia Lumia 800 shares its exterior styling with the previously substantially less hyped Nokia N9, a Meego-based smartphone, although the screen size is reduced from 3.9 inches (854 x 480 pixels) to 3.7 inches (800 x 480 pixels) to conform to the Windows Phone spec list.

One thing about Lumia that is definitely true: different from the others you have seen. Well, maybe the better way to put it is that Windows Phone 7.5 has been very much a different OS in comparison to Android, RIM and Apple's iOS. 

The physical appearance of the Nokia Lumia 800 is a dream to observe and handle, with its smooth curves fitting snugly to the hand both with and without the protective case provided in the purchase packaging.
That said, if you're used to handling the current crop of super slim handsets doing the rounds in today's phone shops, you can't help but feel the Lumia 800 is a little on the chunky side, even compared to the iPhone 4S thanks to it being around 10 per cent thicker.

Well, I'm going to put it a simple manner for Lumia...if you are looking for a cool, elegant design with a smooth, unique and clever interface, you can't help but to buy the Nokia Lumia 800. It has a speedy browser, a thumbs up to IE mobile for the first time and an amazing intuitive contacts linking. Like all other Windows Phone handsets, the People hub is a thrill to use and the device is way too cool for those who are into social networking. It also has an edge over other mobile handsets from other OS in terms of Office Mobile and integration with Xbox. One can't help but to gives a thumbs up for Microsoft effort in promoting the Windows Phone generation. Let's hope for a better upgrades soon, with the release of Windows 8...I'm sure the integration with the new OS will be a boost for Microsoft as well.

Now, on the downside, Microsoft is producing a device that seems a little backdated...if it were out during iPhone 1st or 2nd generation, then we are talking about competition...but at this point, Lumia is lacking of Flash video and front facing camera for video calling. 
In Nokia Lumia, video recording is not impressive and battery life is still an issue for this handset....well, the first joint collaboration has prove to be a good one, but it's time for both the giant companies to up their stake...after all, these handsets will be competing with Apple fanboys' iPhone 4S....not forgetting the many Droids out there as well....and did I mention about RIM? (never mind that...Blackberry has never been my taste....zzz)

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