Symptoms of STRESS and how to overcome it [part 1]

We are living in a culture that is competitive and so often, leading to stress. While stress is something that happen to each of us, it comes in a different level. If you find that the level of stress is overwhelming, it is time to take action. One of the ways to do so is by fighting the symptoms of stress as there is where you can see the form of stress. 

There are a few symptoms of stress that can be easily detected by you and I.

1. Disturbed Sleep Patterns.

Sleeping should be the time for us to rest our physical body after a whole day's work but if one struggle to sleep (insomnia) or even have disturbed sleep patterns such as waking up in the middle of night, nightmares and so on and so forth, there is a likelihood that you are undergoing through immense stress that you do not realize. 
I used to have the tendency to shout/scream/scold people in my sleep...I guess it was a sign of stress. 
I realize that using some of the iPhone apps such as iHome and others helped me to monitor my sleep pattern to a certain extend. While the accuracy might not be at a high percentage, it helps me to monitor my sleep. It helps not to drink caffeine at night as well.

2. Depression

This is the most obvious and while most girls struggle to hide their depression, most guys suppressed these and the end result could leads to a lot of other negative activities such as smoking, drinking alcohol etc. It is important for one to learn to see if there is any sign of depression in their lives. One of the best way to overcome this is by talking about your problem with people that you can trust. Find a mentor or someone who understand you enough to listen. While there might not be a solution to these issues in your life, it helps you to see from a better perspective once talking about it to someone whom you trust.

3. Anger

Well, there isn't too many "Incredible Hulks" in this world but if you happen to be one of the Green Monsters, then you must be aware. Anger management has so often been linked with stress. If one find it difficult to cope with certain situation leading to stress, there is a higher tendency for the anger to be shown to the people around. One of the ways to overcome this is through exercise. It helps one to release the frustration and anger inside. Don't contain the Hulk in you because if it explode at the wrong time, the result could be disastrous. 

4. Increased Smoking

Statistics showed that people who are depressed and stress are more likely go get into the habit of smoking. While the exact reason for this is not known, there are some good ideas as to why it happens. When a person smokes, the nicotine causes the brain to release neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that cause a person to feel better for a short period. Beta-endorphin and norepinephrine are chemicals that are able to improve mood when they are released. Smoking then becomes a mood upper as well as a stimulant. Lighting up can also be a time-out. The very act of taking a cigarette out, lighting it and taking a drag allows the smoker time away from the issue. It can distract the person from the problem. 
However, the increase in smoking could also lead to a deeper and higher level of stress without you realizing it. Thus, it is best for you not to consider cigarette at all if you are stress. The best way to avoid this is to mix with friends who dislike smoking. It is also good if you can monitor the number of times and cash you spent in smoking by using Tracking Apps on your smartphone. It helps you to see a clearer perspective at the end of the day.

I hope that from this, you will actually understand that stress is not something that comes at a time. It is an accumulated act of circumstances around us and our response towards it that leads to a higher level of stress. The best way to overcome it is to understand these symptoms and overcome them. Then, all that is left will be the situation that needs a little more effort to overcome.

Will be posting more on Symptoms of STRESS and how to overcome it [part 2]. These includes physical pain such as tiredness, sexual disorder, overeating, muscular pain and even headaches. (something that I often had when I undergo stress)

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