Symptoms of STRESS and how to overcome it [part 2]

Well, as a continuation from my previous post on symptoms of stress and how to overcome it [part 1], I would like to clarify something here.

Some people asked the question: why not tackle the real issue? Why not look at how to overcoming stress itself? However, stress exists whether we like it or not. Stress is a noun and adjective that is impossible for one to comprehend without first looking at its symptoms. For example, I cannot be taking practical steps to overcome stress but I could with its' symptoms...and it ultimately help me live a healthier and better life. (I guess I'm influenced by Great Eastern's new branding concept...a better YOU)

Anyway, as a continuation to it, the next symptom will be tiredness.

5. Tiredness 

Well, most people who are stress find it difficult to rest and thus, the reason for the tiredness. I am one of those who feel tired almost all the time...oops!! a RED ALERT of STRESS. But here are some of the reasons for that. 
I hardly sleep when I should. I am always on the working mode and I seem to overwork myself at times. 
Here is the solution: Find time to just chill at home with music...reading some book or just some short articles...stop thinking about work or the things that need to be done. Drink a hot coffee could be the oomph you need but if it is late at night, probably you can try some fruit juice. It will definitely help to boost you with the energy you need. And don't forget one important element: exercise and really helps to do so in the morning in a fresh environment. I went for a run in Desa Park the other day early in the morning and the feeling is: AMAZING!! all tiredness gone and it's time for a full day work...that's how magical exercise could do for you. So, to overcome tiredness, you must take proactive action...not just sleep!!

6. Sexual Disorder

I am not so sure how this works but it seems that stress could lead to sexual disorder such as the inability of a male to erect during sexual intercourse or others. 
I have been reading on some health books and it seems that exercise is the solution. I'm not so sure bout this but let's hope it works....if not, life will be a little waste right? (not so sure how this affects the female but maybe the timing of their period etc.)

7. Overeating

When people tell me that they have issue with overeating, I will say it is discipline issue. However, science suggests that people who are under immense stress may have the tendency to overeat, leading to obesity and other health issues, compounding on the stress faced. 
Here is probably a solution: Plan your diet daily. This is something that I struggle to do so but a good friend of mine managed to maintain that. He even planned on the food intake on which days....honestly, I think if you are struggling with this issue, don't blame it on stress and start planning like my friend did.

8. Muscular Pain

Have you ever felt muscular pain all over your body? Well, occasionally it happens. The pain is more like agitation to my body and it felt super uncomfortable. It normally take a while for me to get over these pain but this is what I do at such time. 

I would normally do stretching, drink more water and while it takes some time, it helps me to relieve and feel better after a while. I'm not sure how true it is but it helps maybe you can try that the next time you have muscular pain...or even better, have someone to massage for you!!

9. Headaches

Now, this is the one thing that I hated the most...headaches...I somehow couldn't find a way to overcome this better than Panadol: ActiveFast and we all know how bad it is to depend on medication. Sometimes, massaging the head will help and it probably work even better if I rest in a quiet and peaceful environment. I find that putting ice around the head and neck also help but I'm not too convince....if you have a better idea on how to recover from headaches, do drop me comments....

I guess that's all for now....:-) hopefully, the next time you are undergoing stress beyond your limit, you will learn to tackle these issues that are arising so that the problems will not compound on your daily life. 

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