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It has been quite a while since I believe that technology helps us to improve our work. I am probably not a good example given the "distractions" that I have given to "social network"....Facebook, Twitter and other "notifications" on my iPhone. 

Distractions from the social world...

In my working place, I also learned that if the system does not support and simplify, it is a disaster even though more files may be created. All of these create uncertainties in the data and complicate things when we zoom into the data that we are dealing with. 

Here is what I believe can help one to focus on goals and stay productive:

1. Create a system that supports, not merely simplify or even complicates:

The idea is simple. Technology aims to support...that is what the beliefs Apple has all these years..and it must help even those who are not good in technology. Well, if you are doing work using technology, you must create a system that supports and while it can be complicated, it must not be overcomplicated that it confuses. 

2. Make choices in your "Notifications":

Here is the one thing that I really learn all these years. We can have too many distractions in life because of the people we know and also because of the works that surround us. Priority is important. I am not saying that we neglect or reject people but simply focus on a few things at a time. If you are working on an important projects, it might be good to mute your phone (something that has been my habit for a while now) and also to disable notifications from other apps in your phone such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and etc. Why the distractions if you really want to finish your work? If you want to get connected in the social world, do it when you want to. 

3. Make times for "distractions":

As mentioned earlier, I am easily distracted myself...but I am learning to setup times for "distractions"...allowing these times to connect with people again. Checking on Twitter, Facebook and blogging can have their own special time...

4.  Block your time for "MEETING":

It is important that you block your time for "MEETING". This meeting is about yourself...doing things that you want to do for yourself...reading, doing work and also thinking of new ideas....this is important to improve your productivity. Set it in your calendar!!

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