The Blue side of Manchester drew

The run of form for the Blue side of Manchester seems to stop with another 3-3 draw against Sunderland, and it was thanks to a brilliant performance at the last 10 minutes. Other than that, Sunderland seemed to be the team to get the 3 points. Rather than 2 points drop, it looks more like a point gained for Manchester City. 

Being a Red Devils' fan, it is pretty enjoyable to look at the scoreline when Sunderland were leading 3-1 at one time. Manchester City looks like a team that is so disorganized when there seems to be an argument between Balotelli and Tevez. Both players have been pretty much a troublemaker for Manchester City. 

With Aguero not in the line-up due to apparently a "silly injury", according to Mancini, Manchester City just couldn't perform the usual sharpness and accuracy of their game. If this were to continue, Manchester United could easily lift the 20th English Premier League title without even a contest. (that is depending on the result against Blackburn though).

Anyway, I'm optimistic with the current situation and I'll be placing my bet on Manchester United when they take on Blackburn Rovers.

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