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Before I started my university days about 3 years back, I always wonder how people manage to move into a place to stay for a few months during their interns or how some students managed to rent their place for a few months during their term breaks or holidays. Well, being in University Malaya and now working in KL on my own has given me an experience in looking for short term rentals. I believe that most people in my generation are looking into the internet as the source for most things and this is one of them. I have come across a lot of websites such as iBilik, iProperty and many others. I always thought that most house or apartment owners rent their places to students or fresh graduates myself as this is the case in Kuala Lumpur. 

However, the other day when I was chatting with my brother on the rentals in Penang, I realize that most tourists look for homestay in Penang through iBilik as well. 

That is when I start to understand why there are advertisements like the one on this photo. It helps the tourists to see these advertisement while they are on the public transportation. No wonder there are so many buses or cabs with such advertisement on display. 

Personally, I prefer using iBilik to search for homestay as it helps a lot. The interface helps us to navigate the pages easily such as looking for the right location, category and others. One could easily find for hot locations such as Bandar Sunway, Cheras, Ipoh, Langkawi, Golden Triangle and others. The main options available are simple and easily helps tourist to look for their homestay in Penang. One could do that by clicking on the short term rentals option. These short term rentals also help the tourists to see the maximum allowable people to stay in the apartment. 
It is also convenient for people who are either budget constraint or prefer popular bookings as it could be sorted easily. Most of these rooms and apartments available are also in good condition and suitable for tourists. 

The information available on iBilik is also clear and the description shows important information without over elaborating. The photos shown on most of these rental places are clear and resemble the actual condition of the place. There is also a map or directions that help tourists to find the place easily. While Penang might be a small state, the roads are quite confusing especially for tourists. The map goes a long way in helping tourists to determine if the location is suitable for their trip. 

There is also a calendar that shows the availability of the place, which is very convenient. One do not have to waste time calling for each houses or apartments but could focus only on those available ones. When you book a place for your homestay in Penang using iBilik, you will be instructed to insert a date. It shows the accuracy and reliability of the system on iBilik websites. The guest reviews also help tourists to determine if the place is good or not. While one cannot trust and rely entirely on the online reviews, it helps to project a general idea of how the place looks like. 

For the tourists who might have found certain apartments that are good and comfortable, they could easily search for the availability of these apartments or homes by using the search feature on the website. It definitely looks helpful to me if I were looking for homestay in Penang and hopefully it works wonders for you as well. 

For others who might be interested in becoming the investor and house owner instead, one could make use of the features here to help them promote their places to the tourists as well as the locals. 

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