Manchester City vs Manchester United

Well, if you have not heard about it, then you probably should because there is war in Manchester. For the first time, Sir Alex Ferguson acknowledged the strength in City, saying that this derby is even bigger than the ones against Liverpool. There has been so much change since the Arab transformed Manchester City by spending about a billion on transfers. 

The battle is crucial in deciding the title....a battle of strength among the rich and the's amazing to see how the Red Devils will stood up against Manchester City....Joe Hart as the strong and firm goalkeeper for City, with an amazing line up of defence lead by Kompany...and the creative midfield with Nasri, Silva...and the strength in the attacking force with big names such as Aguero...not forgetting the dramatic return of Tevez..

It's also a battle of wits between the Scots and the Italian...and in the boardroom, it will be interesting as the Arabs face the Americans....

One thing is certain: it is not just an ordinary is a game that decides who is the regional and national champions....the English champions...

I'm going to support my favourite team....Manchester United!! 

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