Revive a Bricked LG P500 in fastboot mode

I used to play a lot with my Windows Mobile while looking at the guides available on XDA Developer page. Anyway yesterday Tom tried to root his LG P500, the LG Optimus One which runs in Android Gingerbread but it happened to fail. 

I was not sure if I know how to help him with that since I'm not familiar with Android but decided to head to the XDA Page for assistance. 
It was kinda difficult as I'm not used to the page as the interface has some changes since the last time I visited this page. 

Anyway it took me some time to find how to revive the bricked LG in a fastboot mode. The steps are simple but somehow it just didn't happen. I was not sure what happened but from the search, it seems that the driver installed for the USB is not the right one.

The LG just stuck at this LG logo while booting up
Turning it into the fastboot mode is the first step:

You should be able to see this on your screen

First of all, there is a need to prepare some of the things in your PC so that it could be done easily. I had to struggle with it because I did not read through the instructions properly.

  1. Install Android SDK. You should be able to find it from here:
  2. Download and install all jdk (Java Development Kit) from the official website. 
  3. After that, open the Android SDK and download all platform tools.
  4. The latest version of the Android SDK is missing the fastboot.exe file and therefore, you make sure that you download the fastboot.exe file first from reliable third party source and copy it to platform tools folder under the SDK. (there is a high likelihood that Google remove the fastboot.exe file to avoid hackers and people to root the smartphone)
  5. You will need to download a recovery file:
After all these preparations, here is the real deal:

Connect your mobile to your PC and this is what you should be able to see:

fastboot mode started
-- suspend --
-- reset --
-- portchange --
-- reset --
-- portchange --

It is actually the same as posted in the image but I'm afraid if you mind find the photo to be a bit blurry...taken in a bad lighting condition. 

Open run command prompt and enter "cd directory where the tools of the SDK is at"
After that, enter fastboot>fastboot erase recovery. 
If it is successful, there will be shown on the command prompt screen but if it shows , you will need to download and install the PDANet on your PC. (This is where we failed for quite some time as we do not aware of this issue)

Once you have done this step, you will definitely see the successful message on the command prompt. You will want to be careful while the installation of this as it will require you to disconnect your mobile before reconnecting again. 

After that, simply copy the downloaded recovery file to where your fastboot.exe file is. (under SDK tools folder) The recovery file is a recovery.img file. 

Once you have done that, enter "fastboot reboot" 

You should have successfully revive your bricked LG Optimus One.

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