Wait for Windows 8 Ultrabooks

The other day I was thinking that maybe it is time to get a new laptop or maybe the ultrabook. I have been reading a lot of good reviews about these ultrabooks....at least these notebooks will be much more useful than buying the tablets. Tablets are cool but basically it's just for leisure...work purpose not too useful, at least when I was using the iPad 2, it felt more like a portable books and web browser to me. 

Anyway, just when I was looking for a good ultrabook, I come across a lot of the latest details regarding Windows 8 and I think it is definitely worth the wait for the coming OS from Microsoft. 

Windows 8 will change the ultrabooks...

When the second wave of ultrabooks come in as promised by Intel, it will most likely be much cheaper....and with Windows 8 promising so much new features that will be compatible and pretty much linked with Microsoft other products such as the Windows Phone and Kinect, it is definitely worth the wait...not to forget about the next generation of Core processors, codenamed Ivy Bridge. 

With prices almost guaranteed to drop and so much improvement on the tap, I think it is common sense to wait. 

And it is important to take note that Intel designed ultrabooks with Windows 8 in mind...and it is definitely going to be an amazing experience once the release of Windows 8 come at the end of this year....I think the wait is definitely going to bring a worthwhile experience...

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