Weekend with YenLeng

Well, there is nothing much that I'm keen on doing lately but since YenLeng is around the weekend as she had her examination in UM on Saturday, we spent quite a lot of time walking around in shopping mall, makan and chit chat. 

She came on Friday night and we ate nearby our place. We did not do much as she has her exam on Saturday afternoon. She studied during the night while I busy with my own work. 

After her exam on Saturday, we went to Midvalley for a walk. She wanted to eat rice and so we decided to go to Room 18.

This is what I had...Beef Belly Noodle set...it's suppose to be a Weekday WOW meals...about RM18.80 with a meal, soup and dessert. Add another RM2 then we'll have our drinks as well. Both of us take the set meal and spent about RM50 for the meal. (after including taxes) Well, nothing really special about Room 18 actually but somehow, the food were served pretty fast. 

We spent some time looking at the magazines in Borders then we had a takeaway Starbucks....we had the JavaChip and Mocha Paraline. 

After feeling tired of walking, we went back. She slept for a while before we go for dinner...drivethrough McDonald's with Tom as well. 

After that, we went home for a movie: Man On A Ledge.

The movie was pretty interesting and we had some good time watching the movie. 

Today, we went to Midvalley again because she would be taking the 2pm train back to Ipoh....Midvalley would be nearer to KL Sentral...we went there and she bought this for herself...

Then, we had the Subway lunch...we used this voucher from The Star newspaper...

It was pretty cheap as we only spent RM15 on our lunch with a cup of Coke...not bad huh? So if you happen to have this voucher, don't forget to use it. (valid until 18th April only)

Anyway it was good to spend a weekend together in KL.

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