Windows 8 "Release Preview" will most likely be in early June

If you have been following the development of technology, you will realize it is not just about Apple's new iPad or the latest Droids that are around town, but it is Windows 8, the upcoming OS that will replace Windows 7.

It is not a secret anymore that Windows are ready to throw everything into it to wrestle the markets from iOS and also Google's Android...the mobile world has been dominated by companies other than Microsoft and Windows 8 will help to support that mission. 

Anyway, there have been a lot of positive feedbacks so far, and apparently, the latest pre-release version of Windows 8 will become available during the first week of June, a Microsoft executive said Tuesday in Tokyo. 

Microsoft has said that Windows 8 will be released this year, with media speculating it to be around October. 
Windows 8 will come in four official versions: Home, Pro and Enterprise for PCs with x86 processors, and Windows 8 RT for tablets and other devices with ARM processors.

And there is a lot of expectation on this new direction taken by Microsoft...

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