Manchester United lost

It is supposed to be a holiday and I normally am in good mood during holidays but watching Manchester United lost 1-0 against City with my favourite player particular disappointing, it just spoil my day. 

Anyway, back to the was a rather unusual formation...of course, it's expected so given that Alex Ferguson had in mind to keep the 3 points lead...but with 5 midfielders, Giggs, Scholes, Carrick, Nani, and Park Ji Sung, I wonder what could go wrong...dominated entirely by City...I guess it was pretty obvious for those who were watching the game....lack of physical presence in the midfield. 

Time for reflection: What went wrong??

I think it is a season that the Red Devils must reflect on...even if winning the title this year seems embarrassing...losing 7-1 to City on aggregate in the Premier League is not something to be proud of. Defence was fragile with Evra in particular....Smalling was not as good as dubbed....and Park Ji Sung's time seem to be numbered...Nani, his occasional brilliance was just not there....

and one must be wondering why on Earth is Hernandez not out on the field...what is Alex Ferguson thinking? I guess it does not matter because the past remains the doubt about that, should United lost the title this season, there will be a lot for Sir Alex Ferguson to think about and it is good then...perhaps then Fergie will know something needs to be changed...

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