EURO 2012

So, EURO 2012 has already been ongoing, with the group stages coming to an end....Germany, Portugal both make it for the Group of Death....Czech Republic and Greece both emerged as qualifier for Group A, where the co-host, Poland is out. Meanwhile, my favourite team, Italy managed to get into the quarter final with two draws against Spain and Croatia before winning on their final game against Republic of Ireland. 
As I blog this, it is the second half of the final game of the England's group....scoreline remain at 0-0 for England vs Ukraine as well as France vs Sweden. 

Anyway, football competition has always been able to keep us awake during our school days and now, it is doing to us again even as I head into the working world. My housemate, Soon Aik would sleep at night and wake up for the game during the midnight....amazingly, he had been following almost all the games...I will only watch games like Italy, England and Portugal...

I am also following the games using the EURO 2012 app on the iPhone. It's free and it really feed me with the news for my favourite team, Italy. The notifications and alerts help to update me on the games...

EURO 2012 app

If you feel that you are not able to stay awake for the games, get yourself that app and at least be updated of the news as you for me, I'm going to enjoy the a way, I hope Ukraine win but somehow, I hope Young and Rooney could perform (United players)....anyway, let's say I'm neutral for this game...may the best team win!!

May the best team win!

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