Positive Habit 1: From the Inside Out

The other day I was reading this book on the positive habits that one should develop over a year.

There are 52 positive habits....one habit to learn every week for a year.

Most people look at things this way:

Having + Doing + Being = Success

but what it should really be is this:

Being + Doing + Having = Success

This is how it should be according to sequence....that instead of owning and having something, one should start with being....

Simple sum it:

1) BE
Be yourself, be who you really are....know who you really are...know what's most important to you...know what makes you unique...know what you do best...this introspection and clarity will help you to make it into the second stage...

2) DO.
Do the things that you know best...use your gifts and talents in a way that help others...touch people in meaningful ways....leave a lasting legacy....and this will take one into the third stage...

3) HAVE.
Have a life...not a lifestyle...a life oriented with what matters most...a life spent with those matter most to us....a financial rewards for doing what one love...

Redesigning one's life from the INSIDE OUT...getting to know oneself first...is the first step into developing a positive habits...

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