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Well, it's been a while since I played game such as Sonic, and I happened to find it on the Apple store today. The Sonic Episode 1 was borrowed heavily from the original Sonic and likewise, Episode 2 is borrowed from the second Sonic, reintroducing Miles “Tails” Prower as an AI controlled partner. 

The first game was pretty sluggish and was not up to's a shame for the Sonic fans as the reintroduction on the iPhone has not lived up to the standard expected. While the second game is no longer lacking in speed, there are sudden stops at times that doesn't seem to be normal. It would be fine if the physics were really fixed, but from a stopped position, Sonic still takes too long to get up to speed.

Anyway back to the the press of a button, Miles help you fly, swim, and even do an awesome combined spin-dash attack which is near unstoppable.

Basically, the control was pretty straightforward but without much tweaking and customization, it felt kinda awkward. It worked well but not much excitement in playing. But then again, for those of you who miss Sonic, this one is for may download the free trial or buy the full this point, it costs only $4.99. There are quite a lot of old school elementary coming back....will be looking forward for more... 

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