June 11, 2012

When everything is temporary...[Part 1]

Do you remember your best friend when you first entered school? Is there still any connection between you and your "first love" or maybe your "first crush"

What about when you grow older? Are you still hanging out with the same group when you did 3 years back? What about the good old buddies that you spent most of the time with, be it on the phone or when you are seeing one another?

Well, I have a very interesting youth because of this group of people...

The guy on the most left on both the photos, the guy with spectacles...that guy is Jian Yao...he's the guy that brought me to church and I am thankful to God for him, for the rest of my life...because it was there that I met the other people in the photo. He was also the guy that has been a good friend to me...

Addie on the right, the one behind me....the man that I spent most of my time with...studies, church service...we are both good in it...we are not the best but we still did it in a rather amazing way...doing what is deemed right back then. 

You probably noticed Samuel Choo, the guy sitting next to YenLeng...while I have to admit I hate his "tak apa" attitude but he's probably one of the coolest friend I ever had...and he cares, even though he don't say it. 

Alicia Yap...how can I forget...the girl that made guys fall on their knees...one with an amazing heart...while I wouldn't say she made much effort to be a good friend to me, having her as part of my youth is such joy that it is beyond words...
And honestly, I just wished there were times when we just go back to our youth, talking about life as though we know it all too well (but the fact that we know shit) in a coffee shop.

Then, you probably notice another guy, Liang Hin...the man whom I owed so much...teaching me what is right and also helping me in my darkest hour....no one could replaced his place in my life and I dared say this...I'll never find a better friend, because he was really more than just a friend...he was a brother and is still one....one that I look up to regardless of the opinion of others...regardless of how far we might drift apart, because his presence helps me through my darkest phase...and I thank God everyday for him. 

While I really hope that all of those beautiful memories will remain, I knew all too well that we have all grown up....we are no longer the same people we used to be. We no longer hang around in church....we don't talk about studying anymore...and we don't talk about relationship problems anymore (we all know too well how the game works). 

When everything is temporary, including the closest people in your life, somehow, you just hope that you can get hold of that moment, freeze it and remember it for the rest of your life...but even then, memories will eventually fail...but to this small group of people, I love you more than words can describe...you might find that I no longer find you...it's not that because I didn't want to find you...it's just that I no longer know how to connect like I used to. If there is one way that I could say how meaningful you guys are to me, it is through this....

because even when time fails me, I know that I have poured it out, in ways that I know best...I may not have been the best friend but I hope you know I have tried...

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