Finding inner strength

For those of you who know the Tasmanian devil, you will know of the extremely active, wild and energetic cartoon...probably one of the most active in Looney Toons...but even then, this image shows the moment where this little devil felt tired...and this is exactly what I feel like right now...

Feeling extremely tired the last week...went for an event in Goldcoast Sepang, where we stayed in Golden Palm Tree Resort.
Just when I thought I could rest during this weekend, something happened that means rest is not an option.
I had to attend the wake for my grandma as she just passed away. While there was not much to be done, my entire family members have to be there.
I find myself not having enough sleep and the rest I long for...but it was at this time that I have to learn to persevere...the inner strength needed to stay strong.
Even as the new week starts, I want to learn to embrace every single moment of my life, that my life is not about results, but about the journey in gaining some while failing many others...
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