Positive Habit 3: Be Energetic

This is something that is very crucial...the first 2 positive habits talk about knowing oneself from the inside out and setting the right priority by eliminating certain burdens. 

Today, I just wanna share something that I believe will make one irresistibly attractive. If you are in the "Dating Game" or wondering how to make people like you, the one thing for sure will help you is energy. Being energetic is so crucial because we are all energy fields....energy is all around us. It's invisible and yet it's real. It is very powerful. One's energy will determine how one live to be successful, from the inside out. 
The best way to put it is this: your energy extends around you and bumps against the person next to you. The person's energy next to you bumps against you and your energy.

And if you notice people around you, it is likely that if you are an energetic and optimistic person, you will attract the same kind of people to you, and that's where the phrase: birds of a feather flock together...

Are you energetic?



The question that we need asking is how to be energetic? Here are a few simple tips that can go a long way in helping you achieve that:

  • Listen to upbeat music. Becoming energetic is no magical trick...one of the easiest way is to tune in to fast and upbeat music. This will cause you to want to tap your feet and swirl around...trust me, in no time, you'll find yourself all energized.
  • Go out in the open air. If working in an office is stressful, take some time off to walk out into the open air. A relaxing outdoor activity or a fresh air can refreshes your senses and help you to mentally active again.
  • Drinking water....if you have not heard it, then you must miss something important...water is the elixir of life. Take a glass or two to hydrate your body...don't be surprised....water helps to boost your energy level!!
  • Stretches. Most of us are so tired and uncomfortable with the reflexes of our muscles...bad postures are the main culprit for such uneasiness and tiredness. A few stretches help to flex your muscles and it will release the required energy to your system.
  • Meditation. I'm not a big fan of meditation but I believe it works since I've read a lot about it from the internet. I don't find meditation helpful as I normally fall asleep by meditation but I used prayer instead...probably prayer is another type of meditation? 
Anyway, I guess 5 easy tips on how to regain the energy and boost energy level will be enough. It will be hard to practice all 5 ways to energize oneself, but how about trying one for a week....don't be surprise at how much it will help you...and don't forget, energy helps to attract people! 

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