A new guest in our house

Beginning of the week, we have a new guest in the house.

His name is Siow Wei.

Siow Wei is the guy in the middle...our first supper together with him in the house...

He will be staying with us for about 2 to 3 weeks....couldn't really recall the time that he will stay with us.

Anyway, now that my car is in the workshop, it's good to have someone who has a car in the house.

We went to Taman Cheras (Yulek) for some nice hawker food....recommended by Baba Ho.
The Chee Cheong Fun and Ma lat Pan Mee are quite nice!

Anyway, since we have an addition into the family in Cendana Apartment, it's only right to introduce him here....:-P

Had a relaxing weekend at home though, with no car to go to anywhere...

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