Sometimes in life, things might not go your way. Things could turn awfully wrong. That is when the you must look at yourself and asked that question: 

How far will you go to make the difference?

I know that I have certain weaknesses and some of the choices that I made has never been the right one. A good friend of mine reminded me of making the right choices over Starbucks.

Just gonna take this time to ponder on one thing: How far have I fallen away from my New Year Resolution, if I ever had any?

It's time to get back to the right track. Time to pay attention to the small details as well...some of the small details could be of importance to other people....people less fortunate than me.

Well, I knew the things that I'm good in and the things that I'm bad in...time to make the correction....I'm still 24...a lot of people have been reminding me of my age lately...I'm no longer young but it's time to stand up to what is right and for friend told me...."If I couldn't make it by 30, there's a high likelihood that I'll never make it."

So, it's time to make the right choices....

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  1. always support u! u can make it.Never Stand Still!


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