I know from the start that love is never fair,
And yet human beings chose to fall in love,
It was not an emotional and irrational decision,
It was a choice,
From the start,
Someone chose to love,
Someone chose to be loved,
Love was never a noun,
It has always been a Verb,
Requiring actions and choices being made,
Love is like a lot of things and yet so unlike a lot at the same time,
If one said that he/she has been hurt because of love, then perhaps it was never love from the was lust!
Love is so much like lust and yet it is really so much different.

Because love is never will give knowing that it cannot will care knowing that the care might be in vain....yes, love is foolishness....but not by choice.

That's why I choose to has always been a choice and I never regretted it...

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