Steamboat sessions with university kakis....

It has been some time since we had any steamboat. I remembered the last time my juniors had steamboat sessions, I was not invited...unbelievable. Haha!!

Anyway, this time around, we are having it in my place....2 of my juniors are with us, Siow Wei and May Kee...then we have Aaron back in our place as well....not forgetting the invited Lai Wei Hoong.

I was back pretty early that day since they told me bout the steamboat session. And I was stunt when I see the amount of food they bought for this small group.

Well, it was definitely a good time to spend see these people together...the best part about steamboat is the people that spent those moment with you.

Food food food!!

Feeling hungry even as I write this post...

Lai Wei Hoong, the MIA man is back...emoness is his nickname!

Chow May kee, the girl who is leaving for UK!!

I couldn't think of a better way to capture this moment...I know that probably 5 years down the road, I probably hardly will talk to any of them but I'm happy that we have gone through all these moments together...

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