Response-ability [part 2]

There are many times that we are agitated by our surroundings...people that do not contribute to the working team....people who are not doing their jobs...either due to laziness or competence level...

I used to be very upset at situation like this...people who didn't finish their work, causing people to blame the department...and yet there are times that I wonder how could these people still sit there as if they are doing the right thing.

I know that I am not perfect as well and I have many thankful to so many people that help me to grow along this journey...even as I start to look into the mirror, I knew there are so much that needs improvement...

I believe one of the keys is to focus on what we are capable of doing...enhance on those things and I believe the influence will expand...there are times that I really just don't want to do any of those "shits" but I believe learning from all these will keep me stronger, better and more mature...

I am Response-able....are you??

"you can kick me, punch me and try to knock me down but I'll keep coming back up..."

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