Another beautiful comeback for Manchester

One of the things that people often overlook is the fact that whenever United come back to win, it is often a very beautiful game.

Yesterday was almost the same scenario when United defence suddenly become clueless and leaked the first times, I wonder why can't they just improve on their defence...if against teams like Barcelona or Real Madrid, we wouldn't stand a chance...

But then, yesterday was another night when the famous Manchester United came from behind...2 spectacular corners...goals from Evans and Fletcher somehow gave the Red Devils the much needed confidence...

Evans....the equalizer goal

Fletcher...after so long we have not seen him and he's on the scoresheet...

The appearance of Anderson and Chicharito both change the game...A beautiful combination between the two subs help United with the third goal and a certain 3 points to move to the top of the table...

Hernandez....that's the goal that kill of the game...amazing play by Anderson and him

In ESPN Soccernet website, they put it in a more dramatic fashion:

Goals from Jonny Evans, Darren Fletcher and Javier Hernandez belatedly secured the points for the home side, after Jamie Mackie's 52nd minute opener had briefly given the away supporters fanciful notions of a memorable first win of the campaign.

Mackie had already had a goal disallowed in the first half before finally breaking the deadlock, as the former non-league player capitalised on Anders Lindegaard's parry clear after United had failed to properly defend a short corner.

But Evans and Fletcher - both from Wayne Rooney corners - restored the status quo within 15 minutes, before Hernandez found a third in typically clinical fashion (and after good interplay with fellow substitute Anderson) to kill the game off with nearly 20 minutes still remaining.

I don't deny that there is a lot for United to improve especially in the defence but this attitude...this never give up character has once again reminded us of United's trademark...that they always come back to haunt you if you slack a little...a good game and a good results for will be interesting to watch tonight, with Benitez's first game in charge of Chelsea while Manchester City needing a win to reclaim the top of the table position at the moment.

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