Car Aircond spoilt, cost me RM645...

It is frustrating when my car aircond was spoilt. I was thinking to bring it back to Ipoh to fix...but then suddenly the thought of getting it fixed in KL pop up of nowhere and I headed to the nearest workshop in my housing area. In fact, it was just directly opposite the place that I was staying.
The end result: disaster!!

I went in to the workshop and I told the dude about my situation. My car seemed to run out of gas for the air condition and even though I regas it the last few days, it was again back to the same situation. I told that guy I wasn't sure if there was any leakage or not. He told me that he would need to open the damn thing and checked it out...and told me that it would cost about 300 to 400 to fix it. 

I went home to take a nap until this guy called me back and told me it would cost me RM800 to fix everything...and I was like "Hold it there man..." After I went back to the workshop and he explained his whole story about discovering the leakage due to the condenser and it would cost about 300 to 400 to fix it. So, I asked him how can it be 800 then and he told me about all the changes he made for me while trying to investigate and find out the leakage. He told me it was all charged under servicing the aircond for me. I was like..."What the hell...I did not even asked you to service aircond for me at all...I was only asking you to help me fix it and you told me it would cost me about 300 to 400..." Anyway, cut the story short, he told me that if I did not want to change the condenser, the situation will not be fixed but I'll still have to pay RM405 for the service. DAYLIGHT ROBBERY! 

It pissed me off enough that I said, "Okay, let's call the police then!"

Honestly, I did not know who was at fault but I called my dad and checked on some of the pricing....anyway, that idiot foreman told me he could get a cheaper one at bout 200 like that after costing: RM645.

It's still a hefty price to pay and I was really pissed off but I need to get it fixed...and it would be terrible to pay RM405 without the problem solved. 
So, ended up RM645 spent on this shit. I realized that the consumer rights in Malaysia is pretty limited....all the more when it relates to automobile industry. These foremans just simply state a price and to a certain extend, we couldn't do lesson learned: I'll always turn on a recorder to record the conversations with these people next time.

As I was very upset, I made sure they return all the things that they changed for me...

Yup...I got all of these back even though I don't need it...that's how frustrated I was....

Anyway, time to watch Ted....a bad investment remains a bad one....lesson learnt...time to move on...


  1. Your aircond repair is even more expensive than mine at Toyota, bro. They cut throat?

  2. OMG !! thats super costing ...........

  3. Obviously they were damn shit!!


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