I want a healthy lifestyle!!

I know this normally don't come from me but I want a healthy lifestyle!!

No more late nights...no more overwork my body...time to get a healthy lifestyle!! 

First of all, there is a need to REDUCE STRESS!!

Work life has not been all smooth sailing although I think I have done pretty well to cope with it...but maybe it's time to LAUGH MORE. Will need to find more time to pamper myself...I'll probably have to buy some comedy series to entertain myself...:-)
Whether it is at work or at home, it's time to say goodbye to stress...must learn to enjoy myself...life is short...

2. Keep a POSITIVE Mental Outlook. If you know me, then you'll know I probably love to talk about negative stuff...most of the time in a jokingly manner. It's time to keep a cheerful outlook on life...it's time to find things to compliment about others. It is also time to clear up the mess (negative influence) in my life...

I had enough of the emoness!! 

3. More MOVEMENT. 
It is important to stay active, but staying active doesn't just mean going to gym or going for aerobic or kickboxing classes....so I'll try to take the stairs instead of the lift whenever I go in and out from my house (only 5 levels). 

I'll probably walk over to CFE side more often in office as well...lOL!

4. Eat Healthy FOOD...

Okay, this don't normally come from me...my favourite is McDonalds....mamak is a common hangout place for me, especially when I go and watch futbals....but I guess it's time for a change. No more McD for these period of time...no more eating in mamak. 
(will still go there for football match occasionally) and will opt to eat food with low fat.

Will try to say Hatin' it instead of lovin' it...

I will stop eating in McD for the year 2012...

5. Say NO to alcohol...less COFFEE...more water!!

It's not going to be easy to say NO to coffee...so less coffee, or maybe coffee with less or no sugar...cut down on alcohol is not too difficult so I'm going to say NO to it. 

More water please....it'll be good for my liver...:-) Keep this in my mind and I'll achieve this.

Time to use my dentist CLAIMS...It is time to make use of this benefit of working....will make a dentist appointment soon...

Hopefully, a pretty dentist will come and take good care of me...woohoo!!

Hmmm...let's see what the dentist said on my first visit then I'll decide how to work on this...

Smile to FRUITS!!
Fruits...this is definitely lacking in KL!! I hardly head to the ColdStorage for this...looks like this will be quite difficult to achieve but will try to do so...heard from Aaron Ooi that the fruits in Pasar Malam is way cheaper...might try for that as well...

I guess that's all for now...couldn't be setting too many new targets...haha!! 

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