November 25, 2012

Ordinary days

Most people are not aware the importance of ordinary days...people are too focused on the big to say the defining moment.

Today, I sit back and reflected on how my weekends passed. 

Friday night was a drinking session with Alicia, Eric Heng, Chris Kong, Yong and Joan Yeong. It was a rather normal chatting session but it was also a good time to embrace what we called "friendship". 

Saturday was a normal routine for me...going to office to clear some stuff and even eating lunch alone.

Got this from ColdStorage...about RM4.50...what the hell!!

After clearing some of the mess and checking on some of the pending work, I called it a was time for dinner...since it was pretty late and I was no mood to join Sai Mun and gang in, again, I had dinner alone...

Economy rice...cost me RM5.50

There wasn't much to do...I got in touch with a few friends on Whatsapp and Facebook...before I went to watch Manchester United playing against QPR.

The game was pretty okay but another poor defence from United...and yet, it was interesting to watch the Red Devils coming back from a goal down to win 3-1....Chicharito is amazing as usual... of my favourites...
Well, that pretty much sum up my Saturday...Sunday wasn't that much different...had my hair cut...RM20 gone....took the car to fix the aircond...get the gas in...RM80 gone....
One thing was different though...I had my first breakfast after some time...

But honestly, way behind Ipoh food's standard...
I had my afternoon in the office before I got back home....decided to go for a run in Taman Tasik Permaisuri...intended to run for an hour but it was raining after about 30 minutes....Since Soon Aik also went for the run, I decided not to run in the rain...

Plan for the night: Head to 

Restaurant Piccadilly for dinner and also to watch football games...

2 games in a row: 

Swansea vs Liverpool

Chelsea vs Manchester City

Will be there with Soon Aik, Choon Foong, Tom and maybe Weoi Loong as well..

Reflecting on the weekend, I realized that most people forgot that it was the ordinary days that made the was the ordinary people that do extraordinary was because we are ordinary that we can embrace extraordinary...
I guess it's time to learn to appreciate the ordinary days...after all, there are 365 should not only focus on the few special moments in life...everyday should be as special as those defining moments.

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