Singapore: Day 1 [Part 2]

During the Singapore trip, we went for a walk nearby the hotel that we are staying....we walked to the Robertson Quay and had our dinner nearby.

Leaving our footprints!!

We had our dinner in Limencello Pizza, Grill and Bar. The place was quite nice, with amazing view. The food there was also quite delicious...although I felt it was quite pricey after converting into Malaysian ringgit. I have to admit...if I were working in Singapore, the food here would be of standard rate but since I'm only earning RM, I'm sure I'll feel the pinch if I were to be visiting here frequently. 

A happy me being loved by many...

And that basically sums up my first day...a rather tiring day in Gardens by the Bay (you may find the post in Singapore: Day 1 [Part 1]), a short visit to the casino, check in, a short rest and amazing night walking around Robertson Quay...not forgetting a delicious and luxurious dinner...

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