November 26, 2012

Think out of the Box

What if you are very good in certain things and you just seem not to be able to think out of the box? 

That's when you have to stop doing and start thinking...

In life, we have a certain perception, a strong fundamental beliefs that we don't even realize we had...but that's what we are...when we do things, we do it in that a way that we believe is right...but so often, we were too caught up with this that we are not able to think out of the box.

A few examples: 

Look at Microsoft...they were so good with Windows back then....Windows 95 was a great success...there were many more good products from the company but Microsoft just couldn't think out of Windows....and it is probably the latest XBox and Windows Phone as well as Windows 8 that we are seeing some innovation in it....
Look at Nokia...Look at us....we are so comfortable with ourselves that we are not thinking beyond where we are....we are not thinking out of the box. 

Here are a few ways to start thinking outside the box:

1) Study Other Industry...

It is often believed that those who are best in their own industries are those who spent tonnes of efforts and time in it...but sometimes, it is necessary to learn about other industry...learn about the need of the market...Bill Gates was a better entrepreneur because of friends like Steve Ballmer that helped him in areas that he is weak at. 

Are you looking forward to learn about other industries??

2) Learn about other religion

This is probably one of the most crucial part...most of us just think about us...our religion...that selfish thought ought to take a lesser place in our's important to learn about other see what others start to understand in what others believe in.

3) Read a novel of unfamiliar genre...

Some of us just love to read....especially if you are already reading my blog...but it's time to take up a novel that one is not familiar of....novel of an unfamiliar genre will be a good one, with a lot of unexpected bound to hit you...that's when you start to think a little more than your own world.

4) Ask a child for opinion.

You might not believe it but kids tend to think outside the box...their mind is like an empty sheet...and creativity and innovation are plenty...this ignorant convention in them will help you to see things on another point of view...

5) Turn things around and UPSIDE DOWN!!

Turning something upside-down, whether physically by flipping a piece of paper around or metaphorically by re-imagining it can help you see patterns that wouldn’t otherwise be apparent. The brain has a bunch of pattern-making habits that often obscure other, more subtle patterns at work; changing the orientation of things can hide the more obvious patterns and make other patterns emerge. For example, you might ask what a problem would look like if the least important outcome were the most important, and how you’d then try to solve it.

6) Take a SHOWER and a break...

If you are overloaded, it is time to call it off...take a break...have a shower....for some reasons, you might come with a new idea once you are back to your desk after the lovely shower...

I guess for me, sometimes writing works...sometimes shower works...sometimes lying down and playing around with papers, pencil and my iPhone works...sometimes, it's just about trying to allow your mind to think beyond one's own's not easy but one have to take the first step to start to see things from other perspectives....

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