December 14, 2012

A friend from UK

It is always difficult to find people who pour out their hearts to you as a friend. Such moments are rare, especially in this community. We have all learned that success is for the selfish...individualistic has taken place in our modern mentality. 

I'm not saying that I don't have good's just rare. Anyway, the other day when I went home, I saw a card sent to us by May Kee...she is currently studying in UK, taking her Masters. She was my junior in UM. We hardly fact, I only know her in my final year, since she's close to one of my buddies, Wei Hoong. She's not one of those pretty chicks but I have to admit...there is something genuine about her as a friend, which is why I'm putting her into my blog. 

all the way from UK

You see, it was not really the card that makes the was the thought from her...that she really care as a friend. 


There were a lot of frustrations at work at times and one could be so fed up and tired with a lot of things...but this little act of concern and love helps to lift one's good to know that there are those who really do care.

Thanks May Kee!

Party everyday...:-)

It's a good lift of spirit especially as Christmas draws closer...

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