December 09, 2012

A weekend well spent

I left early on Friday after work....back home and slept at about 10pm...that's amazing since I hardly get into bed before 1 or 2am...

On Saturday morning, I only get up at 7am...which means I slept for about 9 hours...ooh la la!! I really appreciate this sleep...I was so full of energy after that....YenLeng came to KL with her parents. Her parents fetched her here as she had the CCP Paper 5 exam from 9.30am until about 4pm. 

We had our breakfast together somewhere in SS2....ate some Chinese food before we fetched her to UM. The exam was held in the Examination Hall inside University Malaya. I was the one driving since I am more familiar with KL and YenLeng's dad did not really know how to use the GPS. 

Anyway, we took a pic before she go in for the exam...she looks so fat here...hehehe!!

After that, I fetched the parents around KL, bought lunch for YenLeng and also head to Starbucks for some drinks...I brought them to Tropicana City Mall since it was very near with UM. After her exam, they went back Ipoh while I got back to my house....spent my time reread the book "Blink".


I also went for a quick run...intended to run longer but it was raining halfway....during night time, I spent some time playing with my has been so long...

I even recorded one with my iPhone..."Heart of Worship"....sounds pretty bad....aiks!! my voice...oldies already...but it was fun and a lot of reflection done...

I am also happy that I had the opportunity to meet up with Addie and Sara...two of my amazing friends from CGBC and Timothy would have been so much different if it weren't for you guys...and it is great to have the time to talk about random stuff, about life over a cup of beer...Leffe for you guys and Bell-vue for was also great as we had our drinking session in Brussels at Jaya One...a friend of mine is working there so I got a 10% discount.

After that, I also get to meet up with has been quite a while and it was good because I'll be moving to a new place soon so I guess I won't had so much time to meet up with Joanne was good to know that she's doing good.

Sunday morning: ahem...I'm still sleeping....loL! It was great to have this weekend off but I still head to office after my lunch, to check on the report done earlier by my colleague, Aida...after a few hours in the office, I decided to call it off...back to my house and do a simple workout...focusing on the abs....I call it Abs Burner workout. I'd done it for about 30 minutes, head to shower, checked some of the things that need to get done during this week in office and here am I now, blogging....

I guess I'll probably sum up my weekend by watching the Manchester first thought of watching this movie: Wreck It Ralph but no company...sigh! Anyway, it'll do me good to catch up on some reading before the game tonight....looking forward to it...

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