How do you know you're an adult?

I still remember hearing this question on the radio while driving to work. While I was relaxing today, this question somehow just pop up:

Have you ever asked that question? 

I know most of my friends who are my age have already claimed themselves as adults...after all, being an adult to some is really just passing the age of 18 and going into the 20s and the 30s....

But here are some of the popular answers:

I will know that I am an adult when I can live on my own, when I am fully capable of surviving independently. I will no longer depend on shelter, food, transportation, and money from my parents.

I’ll really know that I’m an adult when I find my passion in life. What I mean by “passion in life” is what you want to do in life. For example when you’re little you want to be a fireman, policeman, doctor, teacher, etc… As you get older you start to see what you are really interested on. One you hit high school and you have a career that really calls your attention, that’s when I think you are mature because you have a future plan ahead of you, you are thinking college, and you know that you are doing the right decision.

I think that I will consider myself an adult when I feel old enough, have kids, am married, and have a job that I love. 

For me, I consider someone an adult when they are 18 or older and can take responsibility to do things on their own (ie: make mistakes, accepting the blame, and then fixing their own mistakes, paying their own bills, paying their own rent, paying for their own food, eduction, etc.)

I know that most of us probably have some of these in mind when people asked that question: How do you know you're an adult? 

I guess there will never be a straightforward answer. Maturity is really something that is subjective and while most people are adults in a sense that they could take responsibilities for their mistakes, they could feed themselves, they have a certain passion and dream and aim in life....most people forgot that we are growing into an adulthood that is selfish and only about us. The story of "others" have become so negligible to us that at times, being a responsible adults might not be enough. 

What does it mean being an adult? I really think there are more than a fixed answer for this question...

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