Human limitation

I am not the kind of person that admit I am limited but the truth is, we are all very limited by a lot of has been pretty busy lately with a lot of workloads and planning for 2013 at the same time.

I would work until quite late before I leave...after that, I would normally go for a catch up session with different friends of mine...sometimes, there are amazing stories, inspiring ones and at times, I just felt fortunate to be there for my friend when he or she needed someone to listen to...after all the "catching up" session, it would be planning for the next day...for instance, I'm caught in a dilemma on whether to wake up early to exercise or watch the football game tonight, between Real Madrid and Ajax...I find it frustrating for 24 hours really ain't enough...that's when I have to admit: Human Limitation...

There are just so many things that we are limited at...our understanding of certain science phenomena...our capability of learning something new, the time that we need to rest...etc.

No wonder the book: Blink that I've been reading recently...talks a lot about thin-slicing information to have a more accurate answer...

Anyway, it's good to know that we are human...and that so much that we are not known of...only then mystery and surprises become meaningful...

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