iPhone 5 sold out at DiGi online store

Well, it is to be expected....the latest iPhone 5 was sold out at DiGi Online Store....a good sign for Apple...Malaysians still love the Apple products...

Most Malaysians still love the Apple iPhone 5 even though the latest reviews are not too convincing...but Apple fanboys will always be one who wait at the long queue no matter what...

Honestly, it's disappointing to even look at the iPhone 5...taller and faster...that's suppose to be it. Anyway, most people are still buying the ads from Apple: the plenty of apps in Apple store...but what the heck...I have about 20 or 30 plus...max close to 50...but that's bout it. Do we really need so many apps to play with? You'll find the answer as no once you got it. 

Anyway, if you intend to buy the new iPhone, you will probably be tempted to do so during this hype...

The package offered by DiGi are pretty competitive:

The postpaid plans comes in three packages – the iDiGi 88, iDiGi 138 and iDiGi 238.
The iDiGi 88, which is the entry level package, allows customers to sign up for the device with a monthly commitment of RM60 a month.
Customers who sign up for the package will get 200 minutes of voice calls, 200 text messages, 20 MMS and Internet quota of 1 gigabyte (GB) a month. The voice calls and text messages they make will cost 15 sen a minute, and 10 sen per message, respectively.
For those who sign up for the iDiGi138, they will be able to get 450 minutes of voice calls, 400 text messages, 40 MMS and 3GB of data. Voice calls and text messages under this package will cost 12 sen a minute and 10 sen per message, respectively.
The higher end iDiGi238 package will offer significantly more voice minutes, text messages and data quota, and voice calls and text messages will cost 10 sen each.

I am definitely not buying Apple's ads this time around...the iPhone 4 was a revolution with the introduction of a lot of new features...the iPhone 4S is definitely just another 3Gs....so I'm pretty disappointed to see iPhone 5...the so called Steve Jobs' legacy....Nevertheless, I'm sure the iPhone will continue to sell like hot cakes for quite a while...and let's not forget...the preorder for iPad mini starts on Monday....how about that for making money? 

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