December 16, 2012

Work life balance

There are times that one get caught up with something that they forgot about the importance of work life balance. 

Today, I decided to make sure that it happened. I went to office to check on some of the work...only stayed for about 3 hours...Choon Foong bought me breakfast...

After that, it was lunch break with Choon Foong and my housemate, Soon Aik. Initially we decided to watch movie but since we couldn't find the right time, we went to play pool in SSTwo Mall. It has been a while since we, it's really good to finally find time for all these activities...

The game cost less than RM10 bucks for the three of us....pretty cheap considering the fact that we played for about 3 hours plus...after that, we went for a tea session in Ochado (my first time being there)...well, I don't really like my drink but it was pretty cool as you could choose your own sugar level preference...very good for the health conscious....

can choose your sugar level preference...healthy!!

Night time, we went for a badminton game....Choon Foong, Soon Aik, Ming Yee and Tom....we played in Ming Yee's aunty's it's F.O.C!! 
Haha!! Played for about 2 hours and I totally love the feeling after the game. I have to admit...I still couldn't understand how people enjoy playing or watching badminton so much but I'm gonna train until I'm pretty good...that's the game plan.

Once the game was over, we headed to Picadilly for our dinner and also to watch the Manchester United game against Sunderland...

too hungry...forgot to take the pic before eating...lOL!!

It was an awesome night, with United winning the game 3-1 as well....goals from RVP, Cleverley and Rooney are good enough to ensure that Manchester United sits at the top with 6 points above City...

Well, I guess it's time to catch up on some reading before sleeping and starting another day tomorrow...looking forward to it! 

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