February 21, 2012

Outing with friends

Well, it was just a random weekend. We had nothing much to do. Ming Yee rang Tom and called for a small gathering and that's it...the date was set!!

I was supposed to meet with a friend on that Sunday to get some facial product in KLCC....nevertheless, we met up in the morning in SS2 for breakfast...surprisingly, Aaron was free to join us....Choon Foong had a last minute appointment and missed the morning session. Bee Geik was with us in the morning as well for the breakfast before she went for the tuition. 
(I wonder where are my other UM kakis...anyway, never mind since I'm not the organizer...according to MingYee, the rest were busy.)

After that, we head to Midvalley for a pool session...playing pool has been quite a frequent activities for us...mainly because it is quite cheap!! haha!! 
Then, Ming Yee and the rest wanted a bowling game....never my favourite but I'm the kind that is quite flexible so to the bowling arena we did.

I know I suck at bowling but I'm still the best among Aaron, Tom and Ming Yee....at least on that day...haha!!

Another round and I still beat them...but my marks dropped...I guess I was plain lucky...Aaron was pretty good towards the end....the same goes for Tom but Ming Yee...ahem...from bad to worse....lOL!!

Alright, the day couldn't end without alcohol right? After all, we are all adults...and so we head to the hottest place at the moment, OT, OverTime....and we brought Choon Foong along....after all, we had to celebrate United victory over Liver"fool"....oops!!


Well, we made it cooler with the Flaming Lambor....honestly, it was not as good as the one in Zouk but nevertheless, a good memory... 

And as usual, after you drink, you become gila a bit...and check out my two crazy housemates...

Aaron and Tom!!

Of course, I did not include Ming Yee in...she was even worse...lesson learnt from this: Never bring camera or video recording when go for drinking session... 

Well, I'm just glad to hang out together....hopefully, there will be more to come!! 

February 12, 2012

Manchester United 2 - 1 Liverpool

Well, when the weekend comes, I always look forward to a few things...the time that I get to rest and definitely football!!

Yesterday was a bit different because I had to go to work on a Saturday. There was an event in Great Eastern...not a big deal but I had morning in the company then went home at 2pm....decided to take a nap and watch the football game at night....(that was obviously a good decision).

Suarez refusal to shake hand with Evra kickstart the game!!

And so Tom and I went for the game in a mamak nearby, Manchester United against Liverpool...the traditional handshake started and Suarez refused to handshake with Evra, and then Ferdinand did the same towards Suarez...amazing start to the game....that's all it takes to start the game!!
The game was interesting and it was good to see the Red Devils dominate the game with the passing and all...one good chance by Liverpool in the first half by Glenn Johnson and it seems to be United all the way...there was a moment where Suarez seem to have pass all of United defenders but Ferdinand did amazingly well to get it away from Suarez...as usual, the Liverpool player shown his frustration as though Ferdinand should be given a red card but replay shows a clear tackle by Ferdinand...clean...

Both Evra and Suarez had an average performance but they are the center stage in the game...

Half time...Tom and I were talking about the ridiculous decision to stick with Welbeck as the forward...and we were right...he wasted plenty of chances even in the second half...but the starting of second half with Rooney scoring two goals kill the game...Liverpool never look threatening until the last 10 minutes...and there were not much chances either...

And Rooney scored...

It was fun to watch Rooney and Valencia wasting time at the corner side of Liverpool half during the stoppage time and it was even amazing to see Evra post match celebration in front of Suarez....I was surprised that the Liverpool player did not react to that....anyway, it was not the right thing to do but it was obvious that Evra was upset with the earlier incident...nevertheless, it's great to win and back at the top, all the more winning Liverpool...

The winner of the game: Evra...

I was expecting a fight...

A good game and it was good to see De Gea making a good save near the end of the game again...let's keep that up...now I'm waiting for Manchester City to lose...

February 05, 2012

Manchester City won 3-0

With Manchester City having won 3-0, the pressure pile up for Manchester United to win the game today against Chelsea. Sergio Aguero drove home his 19th goal of the season from the penalty spot, then set up for strike partner Edin Dzeko with some unselfish work after half-time. And with another goal coming from Chris Baird who turn Adam Johnson's cross into his own net, City showed no sign of struggle and the pressure swing right back to Manchester United to win against Chelsea. 

But the good news though for Manchester United is the return of Nani, Rooney, Young and Cleverley. On the goalkeeper position, Lindergaard seem to be still out due to injury while De Gea will most probably be back. 

It will definitely be the match of the week, so stay tune and be sure to catch the game tonight at 12.00 am. (Malaysia time).

February 01, 2012

Keep learning and relearning...

I wonder how many of us look into the mirror and asked "How can I improve myself?" I don't usually do that but lately when some things don't work out fine, I started to ask questions like that.

I realized that I have this big weakness in management...I'm so lazy at managing things that I left it as it is...and when things accumulate, it becomes messy. Today, I looked at my BCard and check at it and look at what Bonuslink offer is regarding the extra points by pumping petrol in Shell. I also looked at my Starbucks card and realized that I did not redeem the 1 extra free complimentary drink in it. 

Looking at my workloads in the office, it is piling up with everyone saying that it is urgent. I'm trying to manage the reports and I think I'm learning how to manage it better.

In terms of my financial condition, I allowed my brother to take care of everything. But I realized that not being able to oversee all these could be an issue in managing my money. I also realized that I have yet to claim my petrol mileage and also a one day pay or leave that I am entitled to. Well, I'm learning to take care of these with technology. I am currently using My Wallet+, which only costs about USD$1.99 to help me monitor my expenses.

I am also thinking of a better way to manage my time. With Monday, Tuesday and Thursday being booked for the tuition classes in Sentul, I wanted to make sure that I managed it properly. I'm cutting down on a lot of social activities but finding more time for myself gives me much freedom that I long for. Of course I'm not talking about saying NO to entertainment but it's about managing it. 

Well, that is one part that I know I have to learn...in terms of management. I also need to learn to control my diet...the food intake....needs to avoid from McD too much...apparently, the food is not good for health. Then, there is the need to exercise...it's easier said than done...of course, I'm able to manage this better especially on days that I'm at home. But I believe there is a need for a better consistency. 

Hopefully, I'll learn and relearn more things for this coming year...life passed by without waiting and I just did not want to waste a moment of it...

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