March 31, 2012

AEON Ipoh Station 18

Well, the new Jusco is open....oops...I mean AEON....anyway, it was big and crowded with people. Since Yen Leng wanted to go there for a walk, I decided to go there during the least, it will not be so crowded...but I was wrong...still a lot of people.

Here is the Restaurant is available on every floor....not bad...I like the idea...

There are a lot of new stuff in Ipoh with the new AEON...we have Kim Gary in Ipoh finally...we also have Nandos...we have the famous Chatime.... and there is a big Padini concept store...nothing new but it is big. 

The decorations are quite amazing and I like how the stores are being arranged...

Oh my God!! The monkey is freaking cute...haha!! I wonder how long they spent blowing balloon for it...

And check this out: One Piece collection in one of the stores....Argh!! Couldn't resist myself from taking photos of these adorable anime....

Well, Coffee Bean is there...and Starbucks is just opposite but it will only be open somewhere in May I guess...that's quite some time to go....

March 30, 2012

Symptoms of STRESS and how to overcome it [part 2]

Well, as a continuation from my previous post on symptoms of stress and how to overcome it [part 1], I would like to clarify something here.

Some people asked the question: why not tackle the real issue? Why not look at how to overcoming stress itself? However, stress exists whether we like it or not. Stress is a noun and adjective that is impossible for one to comprehend without first looking at its symptoms. For example, I cannot be taking practical steps to overcome stress but I could with its' symptoms...and it ultimately help me live a healthier and better life. (I guess I'm influenced by Great Eastern's new branding concept...a better YOU)

Anyway, as a continuation to it, the next symptom will be tiredness.

5. Tiredness 

Well, most people who are stress find it difficult to rest and thus, the reason for the tiredness. I am one of those who feel tired almost all the time...oops!! a RED ALERT of STRESS. But here are some of the reasons for that. 
I hardly sleep when I should. I am always on the working mode and I seem to overwork myself at times. 
Here is the solution: Find time to just chill at home with music...reading some book or just some short articles...stop thinking about work or the things that need to be done. Drink a hot coffee could be the oomph you need but if it is late at night, probably you can try some fruit juice. It will definitely help to boost you with the energy you need. And don't forget one important element: exercise and really helps to do so in the morning in a fresh environment. I went for a run in Desa Park the other day early in the morning and the feeling is: AMAZING!! all tiredness gone and it's time for a full day work...that's how magical exercise could do for you. So, to overcome tiredness, you must take proactive action...not just sleep!!

6. Sexual Disorder

I am not so sure how this works but it seems that stress could lead to sexual disorder such as the inability of a male to erect during sexual intercourse or others. 
I have been reading on some health books and it seems that exercise is the solution. I'm not so sure bout this but let's hope it works....if not, life will be a little waste right? (not so sure how this affects the female but maybe the timing of their period etc.)

7. Overeating

When people tell me that they have issue with overeating, I will say it is discipline issue. However, science suggests that people who are under immense stress may have the tendency to overeat, leading to obesity and other health issues, compounding on the stress faced. 
Here is probably a solution: Plan your diet daily. This is something that I struggle to do so but a good friend of mine managed to maintain that. He even planned on the food intake on which days....honestly, I think if you are struggling with this issue, don't blame it on stress and start planning like my friend did.

8. Muscular Pain

Have you ever felt muscular pain all over your body? Well, occasionally it happens. The pain is more like agitation to my body and it felt super uncomfortable. It normally take a while for me to get over these pain but this is what I do at such time. 

I would normally do stretching, drink more water and while it takes some time, it helps me to relieve and feel better after a while. I'm not sure how true it is but it helps maybe you can try that the next time you have muscular pain...or even better, have someone to massage for you!!

9. Headaches

Now, this is the one thing that I hated the most...headaches...I somehow couldn't find a way to overcome this better than Panadol: ActiveFast and we all know how bad it is to depend on medication. Sometimes, massaging the head will help and it probably work even better if I rest in a quiet and peaceful environment. I find that putting ice around the head and neck also help but I'm not too convince....if you have a better idea on how to recover from headaches, do drop me comments....

I guess that's all for now....:-) hopefully, the next time you are undergoing stress beyond your limit, you will learn to tackle these issues that are arising so that the problems will not compound on your daily life. 

March 29, 2012

Automatic car? No longer a myth it seems

Well, if you have watch some of the action packed movies, you probably have seen amazing cars that could move automatically without anyone driving on it. Ahem...that used to be a fantasy but it seems that it will be a reality soon...though for a more practical reason.

Now, check out this video if you don't believe me...

It helps people with poor eyesight, or people who are close to blind to be more independent....

If you have not seen this before, do check it out...the first user...Steve Mahan.

Nokia Lumia 800

Well, first of all, I must admit this one thing before I start posting on Nokia Lumia 800....somehow deep down inside, I expected Microsoft to come out with something more significant with Nokia, but while Lumia did not hit the bar, it comes off quite good.

Nokia Lumia 800

Let's not forget about the little brother, Nokia Lumia 710.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is something that is special because it is the first handset produced from the Nokia-Microsoft tied-up. The Nokia Lumia 800 shares its exterior styling with the previously substantially less hyped Nokia N9, a Meego-based smartphone, although the screen size is reduced from 3.9 inches (854 x 480 pixels) to 3.7 inches (800 x 480 pixels) to conform to the Windows Phone spec list.

One thing about Lumia that is definitely true: different from the others you have seen. Well, maybe the better way to put it is that Windows Phone 7.5 has been very much a different OS in comparison to Android, RIM and Apple's iOS. 

The physical appearance of the Nokia Lumia 800 is a dream to observe and handle, with its smooth curves fitting snugly to the hand both with and without the protective case provided in the purchase packaging.
That said, if you're used to handling the current crop of super slim handsets doing the rounds in today's phone shops, you can't help but feel the Lumia 800 is a little on the chunky side, even compared to the iPhone 4S thanks to it being around 10 per cent thicker.

Well, I'm going to put it a simple manner for Lumia...if you are looking for a cool, elegant design with a smooth, unique and clever interface, you can't help but to buy the Nokia Lumia 800. It has a speedy browser, a thumbs up to IE mobile for the first time and an amazing intuitive contacts linking. Like all other Windows Phone handsets, the People hub is a thrill to use and the device is way too cool for those who are into social networking. It also has an edge over other mobile handsets from other OS in terms of Office Mobile and integration with Xbox. One can't help but to gives a thumbs up for Microsoft effort in promoting the Windows Phone generation. Let's hope for a better upgrades soon, with the release of Windows 8...I'm sure the integration with the new OS will be a boost for Microsoft as well.

Now, on the downside, Microsoft is producing a device that seems a little backdated...if it were out during iPhone 1st or 2nd generation, then we are talking about competition...but at this point, Lumia is lacking of Flash video and front facing camera for video calling. 
In Nokia Lumia, video recording is not impressive and battery life is still an issue for this handset....well, the first joint collaboration has prove to be a good one, but it's time for both the giant companies to up their stake...after all, these handsets will be competing with Apple fanboys' iPhone 4S....not forgetting the many Droids out there as well....and did I mention about RIM? (never mind that...Blackberry has never been my taste....zzz)

March 27, 2012

Manchester United continues with winning ways...

Well, it was business as usual at Old Trafford when United win the game against Fulham thanks to the goal by Wayne Rooney, his 28th goal of the season. It was an unconvincing win by the Red Devils but the team is definitely 3 points clear at the top now. 

There was even a penalty claim by Fulham at the 89th minute as well but was not awarded by referee. This caused Fulham's manager, Martin Jol to make a claim that teams visiting Old Trafford has received unfair treatment. However, the claims seem to be unfounded from the statistics shown.


Well, back to the game, it was probably a penalty well deserved for Fulham but let's not forget that Manchester United dominated the game with 60% time of possession, 21 shots with 9 shots on target while Fulham only managed 7 shots and 2 shots on target. 

At the end of the day, what matters is a win for the Red Devils' fans (me included)....I'm just glad that we are three points clear Manchester City. 
Now that we're 3 points up, let's finished up the remaining 8 games to claim the 20th League title. Glory Glory Man Utd!!

Symptoms of STRESS and how to overcome it [part 1]

We are living in a culture that is competitive and so often, leading to stress. While stress is something that happen to each of us, it comes in a different level. If you find that the level of stress is overwhelming, it is time to take action. One of the ways to do so is by fighting the symptoms of stress as there is where you can see the form of stress. 

There are a few symptoms of stress that can be easily detected by you and I.

1. Disturbed Sleep Patterns.

Sleeping should be the time for us to rest our physical body after a whole day's work but if one struggle to sleep (insomnia) or even have disturbed sleep patterns such as waking up in the middle of night, nightmares and so on and so forth, there is a likelihood that you are undergoing through immense stress that you do not realize. 
I used to have the tendency to shout/scream/scold people in my sleep...I guess it was a sign of stress. 
I realize that using some of the iPhone apps such as iHome and others helped me to monitor my sleep pattern to a certain extend. While the accuracy might not be at a high percentage, it helps me to monitor my sleep. It helps not to drink caffeine at night as well.

2. Depression

This is the most obvious and while most girls struggle to hide their depression, most guys suppressed these and the end result could leads to a lot of other negative activities such as smoking, drinking alcohol etc. It is important for one to learn to see if there is any sign of depression in their lives. One of the best way to overcome this is by talking about your problem with people that you can trust. Find a mentor or someone who understand you enough to listen. While there might not be a solution to these issues in your life, it helps you to see from a better perspective once talking about it to someone whom you trust.

3. Anger

Well, there isn't too many "Incredible Hulks" in this world but if you happen to be one of the Green Monsters, then you must be aware. Anger management has so often been linked with stress. If one find it difficult to cope with certain situation leading to stress, there is a higher tendency for the anger to be shown to the people around. One of the ways to overcome this is through exercise. It helps one to release the frustration and anger inside. Don't contain the Hulk in you because if it explode at the wrong time, the result could be disastrous. 

4. Increased Smoking

Statistics showed that people who are depressed and stress are more likely go get into the habit of smoking. While the exact reason for this is not known, there are some good ideas as to why it happens. When a person smokes, the nicotine causes the brain to release neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that cause a person to feel better for a short period. Beta-endorphin and norepinephrine are chemicals that are able to improve mood when they are released. Smoking then becomes a mood upper as well as a stimulant. Lighting up can also be a time-out. The very act of taking a cigarette out, lighting it and taking a drag allows the smoker time away from the issue. It can distract the person from the problem. 
However, the increase in smoking could also lead to a deeper and higher level of stress without you realizing it. Thus, it is best for you not to consider cigarette at all if you are stress. The best way to avoid this is to mix with friends who dislike smoking. It is also good if you can monitor the number of times and cash you spent in smoking by using Tracking Apps on your smartphone. It helps you to see a clearer perspective at the end of the day.

I hope that from this, you will actually understand that stress is not something that comes at a time. It is an accumulated act of circumstances around us and our response towards it that leads to a higher level of stress. The best way to overcome it is to understand these symptoms and overcome them. Then, all that is left will be the situation that needs a little more effort to overcome.

Will be posting more on Symptoms of STRESS and how to overcome it [part 2]. These includes physical pain such as tiredness, sexual disorder, overeating, muscular pain and even headaches. (something that I often had when I undergo stress)

March 25, 2012

Stoke City vs Manchester City

Well, there is a reason why most non Manchester United fans hate the United fans because they always laugh at others when the opposition lost. Today is one of the days when I felt so glad...Liverpool lost 2-1 to Wigan in Anfield and I am superbly amazed by how Peter Crouch scored the first goal against Manchester City. 

Alright, nobody would have guessed that goal coming but Crouch was totally on target, with a fantastic shot....a nice goal kick by the goalkeeper to Peter Crouch. Then, a one two exchange of headers between Crouch and Pennant before a fantastic volley shot by Crouch...amazing goal!! And I thought Stoke will get all the three points. 

However, in the 76th minute, a long range shot by Yaya Toure equalized and that's it....the score line remained 1-1 until the final 90 minutes. Stoke had some brilliant chance and of course, Manchester City had theirs too but I'm just superbly happy to see the blue colours of Manchester dropped 2 points. 

Peter Crouch wonder goal denied the blue side of Manchester a 3 points....amazing job!! Now, United just need to do their usual business against Fulham and it's 3 points up! 

Way to go to start a new week...

Happy weekend peeps!!

March 16, 2012


"what doesn't kill you make you stronger, Stand a little taller..."

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about certain things...things that I said I wanna do that I am incapable of doing...the end result: disappointment...

It is also at this time that I think of the song by Kelly Clarkson about being stronger...and that is really inspiring...

Anyway I realize there are 4 important habit that I must start to develop....

1) finish what I started
2) do what I said I will do
3) be punctual
4) be polite in my words

Well, the song "Today my life begins" starts to ring in my head...

March 13, 2012

15 easy ways for 15 minutes of exercise a day

The most common reasons for every individual for not being able to stay in a good health or good fitness level is the lack of time to exercise...

Here are 15 easy ways for 15 minutes of exercise a day...

1. Log off Facebook

If you had no idea, then it's time to get this into your head...according to a statistic done by Neilsen, most people spend on average 7 hours a month on Facebook. It is a matter of simple mathematic....7 hours a month equivalent to 105 minutes each week and exactly 15 minutes every single day. I'm not exaggerating to the point of boycotting FB but manage your life and the best way is to limit it to two session a day, like once in the morning with your favourite coffee and one in the evening later.

2. Say "NO"

If you are always saying Yes to the requests of others, you will not have time for start saying "NO" even if it is a date with some hot chicks!

3. Plan your day

By scheduling your activities and ToDo lists, you will find it being done faster and more will also be more aware of the 15 minutes that you have to give for exercise...

4. Stay focus on what you have to do

Multitasking has been a popular trend but it is important to stay focus on what you have to do...this way, you will begin to find how fast some works could be done...and that will give you more time...

5. Skip the commercial on TV

Most movie last for 2 hours and in between, you will find the commercial on air for about 15 minutes...make use of this time for your workout session...

6. Decide and act!!

It is important to make decision. If you go for shopping, make sure that you plan ahead, decide and buy whatever you acted on not be easily affected by the advertisements or promotions. If you decide to go to PJ for dinner, by all means, just go...if you decided to do something, plan ahead, decide and act on it...stop wasting time considering and reconsidering...

7. Write it on your ToDo list and your Calendar

Write down the 15 minutes that you have to allocate for running or any form of it or highlight it or even allow the reminder to notify you on your will REMIND you.

8. Set Timer

Whether you are sleeping, surfing the web, playing games, or any form of activities, set a timer so that you will be alerted and move on to other important daily stuff...

9. Be organize

This is the most important part....if you are organize in terms of the things that you put in the house and your daily activities, you will find that you stopped wasting time on unnecessary issues.

10. Set our your stuff

Setting out your exercise attire at night somehow encourage you to wake up in the morning to go for exercise instead of hitting snooze or skipping the whole affair completely. 

11. Get up 15 minutes earlier

If you feel that you don't have the extra 15 minutes, then I'm sure by getting up 15 minutes earlier give you that time to exercise. 

12. Learn indoor workouts

Most people thought that gym is the place to workout and exercise but if you learn the right workout methods, you can do it in any indoor area. It also save your time to travel to the gym. You will also have the flexibility to workout after feeling tired with work or any other indoor activities.

13. Touch it once

When you do your work, try to touch it just once...this means that no revisiting on previous work due to error or unfinished business. This way, you will not waste time on this. 

14. Get a workout partner

One of the best ways to keep one healthy is by going for exercise. And I think that by getting a workout partner, the 15 minutes will definitely come. There will be a constant motivation and push for one another.

15. Just Do It

Last but not least, it is super important to follow what Nike says: Just Do point talking about exercise, fitness or workout so much....just do it!!

Change your attire if you have to, but if not, it is still okay...start your exercise NOW!! Just Do It!!

I guess that's all for now...time to sleep...very tired already...zzzz....

March 11, 2012

New Alarm Clock

I used to have the iPad 2 as the alarm clock....

Sometimes I sleep while browsing on the internet with it and the next day, this little baby wake me up with LMFAO music....amazingly loud and good quality of music....

Anyway, now that the iPad is stolen, it's time to get back to reality...I'll still need an alarm clock...thought of buying the Speaker Dock for my iPhone but decided not to (financial problem...sob!! sob!!). So, here is the solution:

The conventional and traditional way: the alarm clock!! OMG!! I have not used it since my first year in UM where the alarm constantly awaken my roommate...guess it's time to get back to old ways....

March 10, 2012

Need an alarm clock

I used to have the iPad 2 as my alarm but since the iPad was stolen, I am going to search for a new device to pair with my iPhone as an alarm clock or should I just buy an alarm clock? I can't use the iPhone as an alarm on its' own because the speaker is spoiled. (don't intend to repair it either since I normally listen to music on headset or the house speaker)

I was blogging about changing a new habit and I am definitely going to need a good alarm clock for it. Even a good ones might not be able to wake me up from sleep...haha!!

Anyway, I saw some very good ones in iHome website but I'm not so sure if there are any in Malaysia. I saw some in Machines though but damn pricey...

So, if you happen to have any idea, buzz me....

How long does it really take to change a Habit?

I redownload the 21 Days App by Great Eastern and started to ponder at the question...just how long does it really take for one to change a habit? Is 21 days enough? and where did one get the 21 days number? 

Well, there are a lot of different opinions on this. A blogger wrote about this: There are a lot of variations, both people and habits are important to be taken into account. 

For example, if one wants to start drinking coffee, it would be easy to order one on Monday, Tuesday and I'm sure by Thursday, it will be difficult to resist ordering the same drink. Normally, when it comes to a good habit, it becomes more difficult. For example, it will be difficult to wake up early in the morning on a daily basis to go for running. 21 Days might not be enough to form that habit. 

Nevertheless, I read of a study that seems to suggest that it is not important if one skipped one day here or there while trying to develop the habit. Thus, it is important not to feel discouraged if you feel to keep your commitments. I have a few commitments and habits that I need to kick start....let's hope 21 days is enough for me.

March 06, 2012

A bad day, a good lesson and a renewed passion

I am always curious and wonder why some people who are selfish and plain evil managed to get away and live a good life. "Where is justice?" and that thought become even more when I lost my iPad 2, my bag, my netbook, my keyboard...basically everything that I love dearly. The feeling is unbearable and at times, I question everything that happened. 

Can things really be so bad? I wonder what wrong I did that caused all that....I guess there shouldn't be any excuse. I need to take the blame for my part, for not remembering the bag in the car. At times, I just hope the good that I did is enough to cover all these shits but I guess Karma doesn't work that way...
In fact, justice is not suppose to this way. It doesn't mean if you do good, you'll be treated doesn't mean you work hard, then you'll be successful. 

This is how my friend's car looked like: 

And from here, the thief took my loss of about RM4000. 

The loss is awful but somehow it reminded me of a quotation I read just this morning....Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. It just reminded me of how small our mindset can really be...that at the end of the day, most of us focus on "ME". There is really nothing wrong with that thought but as I fought harder to see, I can really see that there are so many other shits in life that worth crying for. What is an iPad missing compared to those not having any food on their table??

Honestly, it is pretty difficult to see a world of change and difference when I had to go through some of these shits, after working until so tired. Yet I knew I must learn...that despite the tough journey and hard times that hit me, there are many more out there who are going through worse scenario. 

Can I see change? I don't know but I believe it must start with me. 
I need to stop looking for excuses and start making a difference. And it requires more than just doing good, but doing good in an excellent way. 

I still remembered a good friend of mine once told me that my greatness strength lies within that heart....I believe it is also my greatest weakness but I know that deep down inside, I wanted more...needed more...and it start making sense to me when I talk about justice. 

Anyway, really wanted to say thank you to Alicia Keh...and sorry as well....

I believe where bad things happened, an important meaning and lesson is amazing experience shared with friends who do care....and of course,  a renewed passion when one started to ponder and look at life beyond a mere existence. 

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