April 30, 2012

Manchester City vs Manchester United

Well, if you have not heard about it, then you probably should because there is war in Manchester. For the first time, Sir Alex Ferguson acknowledged the strength in City, saying that this derby is even bigger than the ones against Liverpool. There has been so much change since the Arab transformed Manchester City by spending about a billion on transfers. 

The battle is crucial in deciding the title....a battle of strength among the rich and the Champions...it's amazing to see how the Red Devils will stood up against Manchester City....Joe Hart as the strong and firm goalkeeper for City, with an amazing line up of defence lead by Kompany...and the creative midfield with Nasri, Silva...and the strength in the attacking force with big names such as Aguero...not forgetting the dramatic return of Tevez..

It's also a battle of wits between the Scots and the Italian...and in the boardroom, it will be interesting as the Arabs face the Americans....

One thing is certain: it is not just an ordinary game...it is a game that decides who is the regional and national champions....the English champions...

I'm going to support my favourite team....Manchester United!! 

April 28, 2012

Wait for Windows 8 Ultrabooks

The other day I was thinking that maybe it is time to get a new laptop or maybe the ultrabook. I have been reading a lot of good reviews about these ultrabooks....at least these notebooks will be much more useful than buying the tablets. Tablets are cool but basically it's just for leisure...work purpose not too useful, at least when I was using the iPad 2, it felt more like a portable books and web browser to me. 

Anyway, just when I was looking for a good ultrabook, I come across a lot of the latest details regarding Windows 8 and I think it is definitely worth the wait for the coming OS from Microsoft. 

Windows 8 will change the ultrabooks...

April 26, 2012

Chelsea go into the Final

Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola feels his side could have done nothing more to overcome Chelsea and reach the Champions League final.

The Catalans came into last night's semi-final second leg on the back of successive defeats, losing 1-0 to the Blues in the reverse fixture at Stamford Bridge and then suffering a home defeat to arch rivals Real Madrid.

Somehow, leading 2-0 with 11 men against 10 men, Barcelona could not seal their victory against Chelsea. There was a madness in the manner of Terry foul Sanchez and one wonder how could he do that in such a big game. And Chelsea brave effort earns them an impossible final in the European Champions League. 

Guardiola seemed shell-shocked when he made his late appearance at the post-match press conference and unable to gather his thoughts.

'The first thing that crosses my mind is huge sadness,' he said.
'I think we played exceptionally well and we have done everything we could to reach the final.
'Finals are great but we will have to watch this one on TV and I have to congratulate Chelsea because they were great defensively speaking.
'I think we failed because we did everything we could but we couldn't score [another goal] and football is about scoring.
'They scored at key moments but having said that we have worked very hard to get here and there is always this possibility.

Chelsea amazing draw against Barcelona started with Ramires amazing chip shot just before the half time. At the 45th minute, the player run through with an amazing through pass by Lampard before finishing off in such a cool manner. That gave the life line for Chelsea with still an advantage on away goal rule. 

In the second half, despite Barcelona pressing forward all the way, they just couldn't find the net....with Messi hitting the bar with a penalty and another shot...that summed up their misery. And when Torres came on for Chelsea, somehow we expected him to score and he did just that brilliantly...Torres' goal make sure that they are in even if Barcelona were to score that night at the last minute...amazing result..

Congratulations to Chelsea!!

April 25, 2012

Chelsea is in the Final and Barcelona is out!!

It was unbelievable...down to 2 goals and 10 men initially, Chelsea clawed back into the game to draw against Barcelona and go through on aggregate...
A moment of madness from Terry seems to end the Blues' hope when he knocked down Alexis Sanchez...a straight red card and who can complaint except that Barcelona's players exaggerate about the seriousness of the kick...

It's a RED CARD! What madness get into you, Terry!

John Terry pleaded his innocence

The skipper was shown the red and Cech lead the way...come on!

A thumbs up to Ramires because it was his first half goal at the 45th minute that ensure Chelsea is still in the game and something to believe in...and he did in style...a brilliant chip after an amazing pass from Lampard kept their hope alive in the first half...

The goal that kept Chelsea hope alive

Another moment that you couldn't believe...a penalty for Barcelona and somehow Messi missed it...hit the bar...and that seems to seal the fate for Barcelona...

Somehow the wizard missed it in the penalty...

Attacks after attacks by the Barcelona wizards in passing and one touch football yet Chelsea hang on...Drogba was brilliant, Ramires was, Bosingwa for some reason played exceptionally well...and Ashley Cole...they played as one...

The goal that made all the difference for Chelsea...

And the 80+ minute come and Torres was on for Drogba...it was obvious what De Matteo wanted...a fast pace counter attack to kill the game...Torres defended rather poorly in comparison to Drogba but Chelsea hang on and just when the opportunity arises at the injury time, Torres raced all the way from the half field to pass through Valdes and scored the goal that ensured Chelsea is in the Final...what a moment...what a goal!! Fernando Torres scored, Messi missed the penalty...an unbelievable red card by Terry, and Chelsea came back from 2 goals down to draw at Camp Nou...no question about that...they are in the Final!!

Chelsea goalkeeper quoted after the game:
"We scored an away goal, and I think that was the key. What can I say? Twice we scored goals, we fought for 90 minutes twice. We did what we could, what we did was fantastic and we've got the reward for that. Everybody played 150% and we tried to survive. We all believed."

April 24, 2012

Manchester drew against Everton

A taste of your own medicine can be bitter indeed. Comebacks are supposed to be Manchester United's forte, the way they assert their authority and demoralise the defeated. They are the team who famously never know they are beaten, the club that leave others wondering how their grasp on a game disappeared. However, against Everton, the Red Devils seem to lose it at the last moment when while twice leading 2 goals ahead, Everton managed to pull an amazing comeback. 4-2 was supposed to be the scoreline but the spirit and enthusiasm shown among Everton players rewarded them their well deserved one point. 

While Rooney scored amazing goals to leapfrog an icon (George Best) in terms of goal scoring charts, the team failed an important test. 

Even Sir Alex Ferguson was found struggling as he talked about the defence lapse....after all, it was this same team that had kept the clean sheet for 6 games in the last 7 before the Everton game. And how could anyone expect a leak of 4 goals. 

Well, Nani is adamant that United can come back strong against City...insisting that an angry United will be even more dangerous. One thing is for certain: the game against City in Etihad becomes the title decider!

Manchester United will respond against City

It is quite frustrating to be watching Manchester United leading with 4-2, going for a win but ended up with a draw. This was the case when Everton kept going forward to make it a draw. At times, I felt like screaming at the defenders for not going all the way at the final minutes. Anyway, the past is the past...and it was still great to see Nani back to his usual self, skillful, scoring goals and assisting to his teammate.

Nani scored but the result is still not encouraging at 4-4
While Manchester United might be downbeat and disappointed with the manner of their results against Everton, Nani is confident that United will rise on the occasion against City. 

Sir Alex Ferguson labelled this coming game as the "title decider" after the draw against Everton. Somehow, it makes the game at the Etihad stadium extremely important given that City will leapfrog United should City win (goal difference superiority). Even Ferguson was stunt at the defensive lapses, all the more since United has keep six clean sheet from their last seven games before that. 

It is important that United respond against City in Etihad....well, the best team will win and I'm pretty sure Nani, Rooney....United will win it in the Etihad stadium...looking forward to the game...

Windows 8 "Release Preview" will most likely be in early June

If you have been following the development of technology, you will realize it is not just about Apple's new iPad or the latest Droids that are around town, but it is Windows 8, the upcoming OS that will replace Windows 7.

It is not a secret anymore that Windows are ready to throw everything into it to wrestle the markets from iOS and also Google's Android...the mobile world has been dominated by companies other than Microsoft and Windows 8 will help to support that mission. 

Anyway, there have been a lot of positive feedbacks so far, and apparently, the latest pre-release version of Windows 8 will become available during the first week of June, a Microsoft executive said Tuesday in Tokyo. 

Microsoft has said that Windows 8 will be released this year, with media speculating it to be around October. 
Windows 8 will come in four official versions: Home, Pro and Enterprise for PCs with x86 processors, and Windows 8 RT for tablets and other devices with ARM processors.

And there is a lot of expectation on this new direction taken by Microsoft...

April 22, 2012

Weekend with UM buddies

Well, it all started with the futsal game on Friday night...this time around, we have Clement in the team. I had lost a lot of stamina in comparison to the past...couldn't be running at the same pace for the whole game any more. 

Anyway, we played until about 1am....

I was playing with my running shoe as I left the futsal shoe in Ipoh...here is the consequence of it...my shoe in terrible condition now...(emo!!) 

The hole is pretty obvious from this angle..

This is from the top view...still can see the shoe in awful condition...

Then, my company has an event on Saturday morning which starts at 8.30am....
I was up early that day and by the time the event was over, my brain was half sleeping...

Since Clement was hanging out with us in Cendana Apartment, we decided to go for a movie after I was back from work....LOCKOUT. Honestly, the movie was pretty amazing but I think I doze off for a while when I was watching...

If you haven't watch it, please do so...

We didn't do much until at night where we went to have fun and watch football...guess what? The victory for Real Madrid sums up the fun I have throughout the day...

The goal that makes all the difference...Cristiano Ronaldo!!
And football does not stopped there...these bunch of guys played game until the morning...

it's all about having fun here...

Sunday is more like the end of the weekend fun...fetching some of them back. I did meet up with Meng Hui for a drink after a long time....it was good to catch up...

Austin Chase is where we went to but I definitely prefer Starbucks

and I managed to spend some time studying in Starbucks...I think I doze off for a while also when I was in Starbucks...zzzz...
(And I just realized that the BCard helps me to get 18% discount for my drink...)

I guess that's all for now...

April 19, 2012

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April 15, 2012

Revive a Bricked LG P500 in fastboot mode

I used to play a lot with my Windows Mobile while looking at the guides available on XDA Developer page. Anyway yesterday Tom tried to root his LG P500, the LG Optimus One which runs in Android Gingerbread but it happened to fail. 

I was not sure if I know how to help him with that since I'm not familiar with Android but decided to head to the XDA Page for assistance. 
It was kinda difficult as I'm not used to the page as the interface has some changes since the last time I visited this page. 

Anyway it took me some time to find how to revive the bricked LG in a fastboot mode. The steps are simple but somehow it just didn't happen. I was not sure what happened but from the search, it seems that the driver installed for the USB is not the right one.

The LG just stuck at this LG logo while booting up
Turning it into the fastboot mode is the first step:

You should be able to see this on your screen

First of all, there is a need to prepare some of the things in your PC so that it could be done easily. I had to struggle with it because I did not read through the instructions properly.

  1. Install Android SDK. You should be able to find it from here: http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html
  2. Download and install all jdk (Java Development Kit) from the official website. 
  3. After that, open the Android SDK and download all platform tools.
  4. The latest version of the Android SDK is missing the fastboot.exe file and therefore, you make sure that you download the fastboot.exe file first from reliable third party source and copy it to platform tools folder under the SDK. (there is a high likelihood that Google remove the fastboot.exe file to avoid hackers and people to root the smartphone)
  5. You will need to download a recovery file:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1088046
After all these preparations, here is the real deal:

Connect your mobile to your PC and this is what you should be able to see:

fastboot mode started
-- suspend --
-- reset --
-- portchange --
-- reset --
-- portchange --

It is actually the same as posted in the image but I'm afraid if you mind find the photo to be a bit blurry...taken in a bad lighting condition. 

Open run command prompt and enter "cd directory where the tools of the SDK is at"
After that, enter fastboot>fastboot erase recovery. 
If it is successful, there will be shown on the command prompt screen but if it shows , you will need to download and install the PDANet on your PC. (This is where we failed for quite some time as we do not aware of this issue)


Once you have done this step, you will definitely see the successful message on the command prompt. You will want to be careful while the installation of this as it will require you to disconnect your mobile before reconnecting again. 

After that, simply copy the downloaded recovery file to where your fastboot.exe file is. (under SDK tools folder) The recovery file is a recovery.img file. 

Once you have done that, enter "fastboot reboot" 

You should have successfully revive your bricked LG Optimus One.

April 14, 2012

Don't bro me if you don't know me

The other day when I went out with my housemates, Soon Aik and Tom to The Curve to look for the 70% discount items, I saw a t-shirt that wrote:

"Don't bro me if you don't know me"

I find it to be really cool and that's exactly what I wanted to tell people that try to bro me when they hardly know me. 

I didn't buy the t-shirt as I felt the quality of the t-shirt was quite bad but I managed to google something similar from the internet...

April 11, 2012

Be more productive...

It has been quite a while since I believe that technology helps us to improve our work. I am probably not a good example given the "distractions" that I have given to "social network"....Facebook, Twitter and other "notifications" on my iPhone. 

Distractions from the social world...

In my working place, I also learned that if the system does not support and simplify, it is a disaster even though more files may be created. All of these create uncertainties in the data and complicate things when we zoom into the data that we are dealing with. 

Here is what I believe can help one to focus on goals and stay productive:

1. Create a system that supports, not merely simplify or even complicates:

The idea is simple. Technology aims to support...that is what the beliefs Apple has all these years..and it must help even those who are not good in technology. Well, if you are doing work using technology, you must create a system that supports and while it can be complicated, it must not be overcomplicated that it confuses. 

April 08, 2012

Weekend with YenLeng

Well, there is nothing much that I'm keen on doing lately but since YenLeng is around the weekend as she had her examination in UM on Saturday, we spent quite a lot of time walking around in shopping mall, makan and chit chat. 

She came on Friday night and we ate nearby our place. We did not do much as she has her exam on Saturday afternoon. She studied during the night while I busy with my own work. 

After her exam on Saturday, we went to Midvalley for a walk. She wanted to eat rice and so we decided to go to Room 18.

This is what I had...Beef Belly Noodle set...it's suppose to be a Weekday WOW meals...about RM18.80 with a meal, soup and dessert. Add another RM2 then we'll have our drinks as well. Both of us take the set meal and spent about RM50 for the meal. (after including taxes) Well, nothing really special about Room 18 actually but somehow, the food were served pretty fast. 

We spent some time looking at the magazines in Borders then we had a takeaway Starbucks....we had the JavaChip and Mocha Paraline. 

After feeling tired of walking, we went back. She slept for a while before we go for dinner...drivethrough McDonald's with Tom as well. 

After that, we went home for a movie: Man On A Ledge.

The movie was pretty interesting and we had some good time watching the movie. 

Today, we went to Midvalley again because she would be taking the 2pm train back to Ipoh....Midvalley would be nearer to KL Sentral...we went there and she bought this for herself...

Then, we had the Subway lunch...we used this voucher from The Star newspaper...

It was pretty cheap as we only spent RM15 on our lunch with a cup of Coke...not bad huh? So if you happen to have this voucher, don't forget to use it. (valid until 18th April only)

Anyway it was good to spend a weekend together in KL.

April 06, 2012

Looking for Homestay in Penang?

Before I started my university days about 3 years back, I always wonder how people manage to move into a place to stay for a few months during their interns or how some students managed to rent their place for a few months during their term breaks or holidays. Well, being in University Malaya and now working in KL on my own has given me an experience in looking for short term rentals. I believe that most people in my generation are looking into the internet as the source for most things and this is one of them. I have come across a lot of websites such as iBilik, iProperty and many others. I always thought that most house or apartment owners rent their places to students or fresh graduates myself as this is the case in Kuala Lumpur. 

However, the other day when I was chatting with my brother on the rentals in Penang, I realize that most tourists look for homestay in Penang through iBilik as well. 

That is when I start to understand why there are advertisements like the one on this photo. It helps the tourists to see these advertisement while they are on the public transportation. No wonder there are so many buses or cabs with such advertisement on display. 

Personally, I prefer using iBilik to search for homestay as it helps a lot. The interface helps us to navigate the pages easily such as looking for the right location, category and others. One could easily find for hot locations such as Bandar Sunway, Cheras, Ipoh, Langkawi, Golden Triangle and others. The main options available are simple and easily helps tourist to look for their homestay in Penang. One could do that by clicking on the short term rentals option. These short term rentals also help the tourists to see the maximum allowable people to stay in the apartment. 
It is also convenient for people who are either budget constraint or prefer popular bookings as it could be sorted easily. Most of these rooms and apartments available are also in good condition and suitable for tourists. 

The information available on iBilik is also clear and the description shows important information without over elaborating. The photos shown on most of these rental places are clear and resemble the actual condition of the place. There is also a map or directions that help tourists to find the place easily. While Penang might be a small state, the roads are quite confusing especially for tourists. The map goes a long way in helping tourists to determine if the location is suitable for their trip. 

There is also a calendar that shows the availability of the place, which is very convenient. One do not have to waste time calling for each houses or apartments but could focus only on those available ones. When you book a place for your homestay in Penang using iBilik, you will be instructed to insert a date. It shows the accuracy and reliability of the system on iBilik websites. The guest reviews also help tourists to determine if the place is good or not. While one cannot trust and rely entirely on the online reviews, it helps to project a general idea of how the place looks like. 

For the tourists who might have found certain apartments that are good and comfortable, they could easily search for the availability of these apartments or homes by using the search feature on the website. It definitely looks helpful to me if I were looking for homestay in Penang and hopefully it works wonders for you as well. 

For others who might be interested in becoming the investor and house owner instead, one could make use of the features here to help them promote their places to the tourists as well as the locals. 

April 01, 2012

The Blue side of Manchester drew

The run of form for the Blue side of Manchester seems to stop with another 3-3 draw against Sunderland, and it was thanks to a brilliant performance at the last 10 minutes. Other than that, Sunderland seemed to be the team to get the 3 points. Rather than 2 points drop, it looks more like a point gained for Manchester City. 

Being a Red Devils' fan, it is pretty enjoyable to look at the scoreline when Sunderland were leading 3-1 at one time. Manchester City looks like a team that is so disorganized when there seems to be an argument between Balotelli and Tevez. Both players have been pretty much a troublemaker for Manchester City. 

With Aguero not in the line-up due to apparently a "silly injury", according to Mancini, Manchester City just couldn't perform the usual sharpness and accuracy of their game. If this were to continue, Manchester United could easily lift the 20th English Premier League title without even a contest. (that is depending on the result against Blackburn though).

Anyway, I'm optimistic with the current situation and I'll be placing my bet on Manchester United when they take on Blackburn Rovers.

[Review] FIFA 2012

Well, I normally don't write about games or I hardly play much games but when it comes to football, I'm a little addicted. Anyway, as I was going through the apps on my iPhone 4, I decided to blog about the FIFA 2012.

When you tap on the FIFA app, this is what you get....it loads pretty quickly...not bad for an app as big as this one...

I like the interface very much and it's good that Rooney is the key figure here...after all, I'm a Red Devils' fan...

Alright, there are a few things that I want to compliment about EA Games in developing the FIFA 2012 app...it's simple to use and it's quick...while graphic might still need improvement, it's really one of those games that I felt worth the money...

Anyway, I go for a Quick Match which I think most people would...after all, playing games on the iPhone is more like passing time. I doubt I would go for the Manager Mode...

Well, when I tap on it, I get to select the league that I wanted....well, naturally, I go for my favourite team, Manchester United...and let's play against the best team at the moment, Barcelona!!

After making the team selection, here is the Pre-Match Central, where you get to choose your starting eleven, stadium, weather...etc...and to my surprise, I get to choose the type of ball I wanted to use for the game...

Initially, the ball chosen was Nike Seitiro - PL (not that I know what it means) but then I changed it into another ball.

Somehow, I like the yellow colour...and there you go, Nike Seitiro HI-VIS (whatever it means)...I happened to see Reebok ball as well but let's say I'm more into Nike than Reebok...it's something like I prefer Ronaldo than Messi. (haha!!)

After that, I make sure that I chose Old Trafford as the stadium...there is an option to choose for the weather....the image with the question mark means random and I go for that one...

Well well well, the Game Settings and I opt for 6 mins game play for halftime and I chose Beginner as the Difficulty Level...
I looked at the Starting 11 on my team and I think I'm good to go...

After that, it's kickoff time!!

The loading time is not too long and this is the image you'll see while waiting for the game to load...the similar bar loading at the bottom is there for those of you who are used to playing FIFA on the PC.

This is how it feels playing the FIFA 2012 on the iPhone 4.

The screen feels a little too small and while the button could be pressed easily, it felt awkward moving with it...and at times, my hands are blocking my view of the game. Nevertheless, it was one of the best controls that I have seen on the iPhone 4 for a football game thus far.

Alright here is the game: Manchester United vs FC Barcelona

As the game starts, it shows the stadium and the players warming up...pretty similar to the usual ones that we see on the PC...but one thing for sure....I was too used to the amazing graphic on the PC that it seems a little pixelated image on the iPhone 4, especially with the players...it reminds me of the earlier version of FIFA although this still seems to be better.

Manchester United players warming up

Alright, as you can see from the image above, the controls are here...it's fairly easy to understand....directions are controlled like how one used joystick...and then there is shoot, sprint, pass....basic stuff!!

When the opponents are having the ball, we have slide (tackle), sprint tackle, and switch. We could also switch players by tapping on the players that we wanted to use...pretty user friendly and smart I would say.

And here is the first goal!! Rooney!!

We have the replay immediately after that like the normal ones that we have on the PC...

Second goal! Rooney again!!

Corner kick! I kinda like the idea of tapping at the person that you wanted to cross to...it makes it easy in a way...which leads to the third goal!! Hernandez!!

Celebration was pretty real but the movement of the players feel a little awkward and look at Anderson here...definitely doesn't look like him here...and Hernandez....it just doesn't have any resemblance in it.


Check this tackle!! Done it on purpose....

And as the final whistle blow, we have the players walking out in dejection while some in celebration...

Final score: Manchester United 8 - 2 FC Barcelona

How I wish it is the real scoreline...nevertheless, the FIFA 2012 is definitely an amazing game on the iPhone 4....a game that requires more effort while playing....I guess it's one of those games that I would say worth the money...so if you haven't get yours, it's time to do so...especially for football fans!!

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