July 31, 2012

Microsoft Wedge Keyboard and Touch Mouse

Even before the launch of Windows 8, we are already hearing about the new accessories....Microsoft Wedge Keyboard and Touch Mouse. 

Ahead of the Windows 8 release in October, Microsoft has opted to jump the gun and introduce a new accessory....in the form of the Wedge Mobile Keyboard and Wedge Touch Mouse — two aluminum-clad products with a few unassuming tricks up their sleeves.

Aside from the rock-solid build quality, Bluetooth-connectivity, and Windows 8-specific keys (charms, search, etc.) the Wedge Mobile Keyboard’s magic lies in its cover. The soft rubber surface is meant to be placed against a tablet’s screen when in transit, and the battery compartment of the keyboard pulls double duty as a hand grip so that you can carry that tablet and the keyboard easily with one hand.
This introduction shows the importance that Microsoft places on tablets.

Well, you might not believe it but what was mentioned was simply the first part of the keyboard...Because the cover hides another secret: if you fold it in half, it will hold its shape, allowing you to bend it into a stand for a Windows 8 tablet, ensuring the piece always maintains some utility. Another indicator of how important tablet is in the eyes of Microsoft...

The Wedge Touch Mouse, meanwhile, is a tiny piece of distinctly-shaped technology which also makes use of Bluetooth and Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology. But what hides beneath the buttons is a touch-sensitive surface which allows you to scroll up and down through the Metro UI. Additionally, a minor, but smart feature of the mouse revolves around the battery compartment: once you open its spring-loaded cover with the push of the button, you can’t latch it again unless the battery is placed in the right direction. It’s a little thing, but so, so ingenious.

In addition to the Wedge accessories, Microsoft also released the Sculpt Mobile Keyboard and Touch Mouse, which lack some of the premium styling and functionality of the aforementioned products, but still offer a wireless connection, and ability to navigate through the Windows 8 UI quickly and easily. Furthermore, the Microsoft Touch Mouse, which first landed in consumer hands last year, has been updated with Windows 8 multitouch gestures 
(but can be programmed for Windows 7-style gestures if you like. All the products will begin shipping to retail outlets in August in time for the Windows 8 launch. The Wedge keyboard and mouse will cost $US80 and $US70, respectively, while the Sculpt keyboard and mouse will each cost $US50. The Touch Mouse will still sell for $US80.)

July 24, 2012

Windows 8 Features that benefits Businesses

Even before the release of Windows 8, which is on the 26th October this year, many have been criticizing regarding the Metro user interface and the decision taken by Microsoft to remove the Start button. 

Some observers and reviews simply say that the Windows 8 is BAD for desktop experience. There are even those who claims that the new OS will reduce productivity in the office.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of new features and improvements that deserve our attention:

UEFI Replaces BIOS to Enhance and Secure Booting

Microsoft will require that new PCs bearing the Windows 8 logo use a new boot solution called Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), which will significantly improve the boot process and experience. It replaces the archaic Basic Input Output System (BIOS) that we’ve used for decades. For those of you who wonder why the need for change, it was due to an extremely fast booting process...something that will blow your mind when you first use the PC running Windows 8.

You’ll see much faster boot times, on the order of 8 seconds from pressing the power button to being in Windows. This, along with less need for restarts, can help increase productivity in the office and save IT personnel time when applying upgrades or installing software.

Safeguards built into UEFI can also help save the IT department time and resources over the long term. Secure Boot prevents unauthorized operating systems from loading, and Early Launch Anti-Malware (ELAM) protects against boot loader attacks. UEFI will also allow remote diagnostics and repair of computers within the pre-OS environment. So instead of physically sending a technician to visit a PC experiencing boot issues, it might be possible to repair and restore the machine over the network. This is something that can change the work structure in an incredible way.

FULL WINDOWS experience on the Go...using a Tablet!!

This is probably the main reason for the introduction of Windows 8....to enable a full Windows experience on mobile devices such as the tablets...

We’ll likely see the same with x86-based Windows 8 Pro tablets and tablet-laptop hybrids, as they’ll offer the new metro-style Start screen in addition to the full Windows environment. This means that tablet users can have the same familiar Windows applications, including a full copy of Microsoft Office 2013, and Metro-style apps on both their desktop PC and their mobile device. For IT staffers, this means easier device and network management as they can use an existing Windows management infrastructure.

Bear in mind that these benefits apply only to x86-based tablets loaded with Windows 8 Pro. Tablets with ARM processors running Windows Run Time (RT) will support only the Metro-style apps, so they won’t be able to deliver the full Windows experience.

Windows To Go

If you have not heard about Windows To Go, you are missing something unique about Windows 8. 

The new Windows To Go feature in Windows 8 Enterprise will allow you put a clean install or an existing Windows 8 image onto a 32GB or higher USB thumb drive or a portable drive and boot it from another PC. This is similar to what you might have seen with Linux distributions running from a live CD or a USB drive. Although booting up a Windows To Go drive is officially supported only on PCs certified for Windows 7 and later, it might also work on PCs running Windows XP and Vista. Don't think of this as a stripped down Windows...no...this is the real deal...we are talking about having it Windows on the Go.

Windows To Go can be useful for telecommuters and temporary contractors, because they can essentially fit an entire PC environment--loaded with the all the apps, settings, and files they need--in their pocket and boot into it with their own PC. This would be much more efficient than having to carry a physical computer from place to place. Windows To Go could also make the perfect backup OS for PCs that become infected or corrupt. And it can be managed by and secured with standard enterprise management tools such, as SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) and Active Directory group policies, just like an ordinary Windows PC. The USB drive can also be encrypted with BitLocker to prevent data theft if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Networking Improvements Help Network Administrators

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 include many new and enhanced networking features useful for administrators. 
Native NIC (network interface card) teaming provides network connection load balancing and failover by bonding two or more network interfaces. The updated Server Message Block (SMB) protocol improves the availability, performance, administration, and security of file shares and storage resources, with new features like encryption and transparent failover.

The new IP Address Management (IPAM) feature of Windows Server 2012 helps admins discover, monitor, audit, and manage a network’s IP addressing. Finally, DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) has also been improved to provide server failover ability and policy-based assignments.

Well, there are definitely more than just these new 4 addition...trust me, Windows 8 will be something exciting, for better or worse...because this is the OS that Microsoft is betting on....Steve Ballmer is putting everything at stake here....to win over the mobile market, to enhance the opportunity for their cloud market and at the same time, maintaining the momentum in the desktop and business environment...so stay tune for more excitement...

Keep fit to prevent flu

Well, if you are one of those who are not into regular exercise, maybe it is time to change that.

Research shows that regular exercise bolsters immunity to colds and flu, and sporty types who do not succumb to colds tend to get off lightly.

New research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found people who were physically active on five or more days a week were ill for almost half the time of those who managed only one workout in a week. Cold symptoms were also up to 41% less severe in the very fit.

I guess that just give me an extra reason to get on my running shoe for the run again...

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July 23, 2012

Windows 8 "Bad' for Desktop Users?

If you are all excited about the new Windows 8 like I do, please take a step backward to reconsider. 

Analyst firm Gartner has chosen just one word to describe Windows 8 for desktop users, and it is not something that Steve Ballmer would like to hear..."BAD".

Multi monitor

The Windows 8 has gone through a lot of transformation and is probably one of the biggest change in the history of Microsoft.  

Research Director Gunnar Berger put the imminent OS through its paces in a five-part review which found that Windows 8 is pretty good when used on touch-screen devices.  In fact, there are so much positive feedbacks that it seem Microsoft is really going in the right direction. Microsoft loaned Berger a Samsung slate device and he found that Windows 8 gets around some of the problems he's seen trying to get enterprise apps running on a tablet. 


Windows 8 also impressed him with a seamless, all drivers present and correct sir installation process on a variety of hardware, “crazy fast” boot time and pleasing appearance. 

Berger also felt that the slate he tested means he can ditch his habit of travelling with a laptop and iPad, as it does the job of both devices more than tolerably well. 

With such positive feedbacks, Windows is really offering something that is of strong substance, with a lot of cool factors in it. But the big problem with Windows 8 is when the end-point isn't touch enabled. The experience in using the new OS without any touch enable is BAD. 

“Extremely important menus in Windows 8 are hidden off screen, easily brought in when using a touch and swiping with your thumbs, are absent when using a mouse … Prior to this incident, I can’t tell you the last time I had to ask someone how to do something in a client OS.” said Berger. 

Remote access to the Windows 8 computer is also a nightmare.
Metro interface on the remote PC would not accept input from the Windows key on his local keyboard. All sorts of keyboard calisthenics ensued, leading Berger to predict Sysadmin scowling.

The punching line to the new OS from Microsoft would be this:

As a desktop guy, he feels the OS will have a hard time on the business desktop.

“Unfortunately, my area of expertise is enterprise desktops, and those desktops have a keyboard and a mouse; and as much as this doesn’t make any sense, it seems to me that Microsoft forgot about this when they designed Windows 8.”

Finding inner strength

For those of you who know the Tasmanian devil, you will know of the extremely active, wild and energetic cartoon...probably one of the most active in Looney Toons...but even then, this image shows the moment where this little devil felt tired...and this is exactly what I feel like right now...

Feeling extremely tired the last week...went for an event in Goldcoast Sepang, where we stayed in Golden Palm Tree Resort.
Just when I thought I could rest during this weekend, something happened that means rest is not an option.
I had to attend the wake for my grandma as she just passed away. While there was not much to be done, my entire family members have to be there.
I find myself not having enough sleep and the rest I long for...but it was at this time that I have to learn to persevere...the inner strength needed to stay strong.
Even as the new week starts, I want to learn to embrace every single moment of my life, that my life is not about results, but about the journey in gaining some while failing many others...
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Windows 8 release date - October 26

Well, if you have been following the news, you probably knew that the release date of Windows 8 is confirm to be on the 26th October 2012. 

Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft's Windows division, made the announcement during the company's annual sales meeting, according to the Windows Team Blog. 

Microsoft is betting BIG on Windows 8 as the release date on 26 October 2012 is for both Windows 8 PC and upgrades. It will cost $40 through January 31 for users running Windows XP or later. 

No specific launch day hardware was mentioned, but Microsoft's Surface Windows RT tablet should be available around that time

Windows 8 is a major overhaul, with a new Start screen optimized for touch screens and an app store for tablet-friendly "Metro-style" programs.

However, for those of you who are expecting of the launching of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 together, you might be disappointed as rumors said that the Windows Phone 8 handset will be on the shelves somewhere in November. 
But Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop has told the New York Times that Windows Phone 8 software will be released in October, leading speculation of the earlier release of the devices. 


July 21, 2012

Golden Palm Tree Resort

The entire last week was almost spent in the Golden Palm Tree Resort as I went there with my company to prepare for an event for Top 200 GSMs under Great Eastern. 

Well, I couldn't believe the rate was about 1k per night until I read this on the internet. 

1.3k per night? Honestly, I find it to be overvalued. Anyway, here is the experience of staying in the place, minus the workload there.

Well, since I'm there for work purposes, my first visit was to the Secretariat room. Honestly, the impression was good enough. The room was spacious and a beauty.

Well, we have to consider going back to our room as it is quite a distance from the Lobby and the Grand Ballroom. 

This is what we used for moving from one place to another most of the time...

The buggy car service is quite good...

Well, this is the bed that I sleep in...

Check out the living room in the villa...


And if you switch on the TV, you get to choose a lot of things...the movies that you want to watch, ask for room service, order foods and even shopping.

Check this out....there is a greeting to my boss here....

I even manage to sneak some time to go for a walk in the beach...

This is the snapshots I have taken using my iPhone...

Well, overall, I don't find the money worthwhile....1k per night?? The swimming pool is small and while the service is good, there are a lot of flies when you go to the clubhouse for a drink or makan. 

The clubhouse closes about 12 which means no nightlife here...there are some makan places outside the resort but I wouldn't recommend going as I find it a bit dangerous. 

Nevertheless, the environment and the place is really a good one for couples to spend the night over....a romantic environment! 

Well, if you don't think 1k is a lot, then Golden Palm Tree Resort might just be the right one for you to go to enjoy your quiet holiday.

July 17, 2012

[Games] Angry Birds Seasons

SQUAWK!!!! Angry Birds Seasons is last weeks Free App of the week and I'm pretty sure that many Angry Birds fans will take this opportunity to download the full version for free.

Angry Birds Seasons takes the gameplay of the original Angry Birds to a whole new level. These Angry Birds are celebrating different festive seasons all around the world namely Halloween, Chinese New Year and these Angry Birds are even celebrating the Moon Festivals. These Angry Birds will go for Summer Picnic, well, since summer is just around the corner, it might be a good idea to download the game and take these Angry Birds to go for a Summer Picnic. SQUAWK!!!!!

 Below are some of the screenshots taken from the game itself.



July 11, 2012

Positive Habit 3: Be Energetic

This is something that is very crucial...the first 2 positive habits talk about knowing oneself from the inside out and setting the right priority by eliminating certain burdens. 

Today, I just wanna share something that I believe will make one irresistibly attractive. If you are in the "Dating Game" or wondering how to make people like you, the one thing for sure will help you is energy. Being energetic is so crucial because we are all energy fields....energy is all around us. It's invisible and yet it's real. It is very powerful. One's energy will determine how one live to be successful, from the inside out. 
The best way to put it is this: your energy extends around you and bumps against the person next to you. The person's energy next to you bumps against you and your energy.

And if you notice people around you, it is likely that if you are an energetic and optimistic person, you will attract the same kind of people to you, and that's where the phrase: birds of a feather flock together...

Are you energetic?



The question that we need asking is how to be energetic? Here are a few simple tips that can go a long way in helping you achieve that:

  • Listen to upbeat music. Becoming energetic is no magical trick...one of the easiest way is to tune in to fast and upbeat music. This will cause you to want to tap your feet and swirl around...trust me, in no time, you'll find yourself all energized.
  • Go out in the open air. If working in an office is stressful, take some time off to walk out into the open air. A relaxing outdoor activity or a fresh air can refreshes your senses and help you to mentally active again.
  • Drinking water....if you have not heard it, then you must miss something important...water is the elixir of life. Take a glass or two to hydrate your body...don't be surprised....water helps to boost your energy level!!
  • Stretches. Most of us are so tired and uncomfortable with the reflexes of our muscles...bad postures are the main culprit for such uneasiness and tiredness. A few stretches help to flex your muscles and it will release the required energy to your system.
  • Meditation. I'm not a big fan of meditation but I believe it works since I've read a lot about it from the internet. I don't find meditation helpful as I normally fall asleep by meditation but I used prayer instead...probably prayer is another type of meditation? 
Anyway, I guess 5 easy tips on how to regain the energy and boost energy level will be enough. It will be hard to practice all 5 ways to energize oneself, but how about trying one for a week....don't be surprise at how much it will help you...and don't forget, energy helps to attract people! 

July 08, 2012

[App] Line Camera

It was not long before that I blogged about Line app as a better alternative to Whatsapp...well, back then I did not realize that NAVER Japan Corp has put in so much effort in this app...(for those who are not aware, it is the developer that develop the app for Line).

So, what kind of efforts am I talking about? It's the efforts to make LINE user experience to be complete by creating another app to complement with it, known as Line Camera...

Basically, the features are similar to the popular Instagram...and I dare say some of the features are even better...and all of that are made possible to be shared with your friends via LINE...I'm pretty outdated because the Line Camera is out for some time...

Below this pic, I'm trying out the app...it's pretty cool...

I don't have the time to play with the app in detail yet but a big thumbs up to Line for this...whatsapp really is trailing far behind now...

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Grandma's birthday

Sometimes it could feel amazingly taxing to be going for Chinese cuisine style dinner especially when I am not a fan of that kind of food...
Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable experience to be spending the night and dinner with my family, for my granny's birthday...

Well, here's a snapshot before my family went for the dinner...

Took another photo in the car while waiting to fetch YenLeng...

Tada!! Our beautiful pics outside the restaurant in Heritage Hotel...
Anyway, this is the menu for the day...I had no idea what is written there either...

Well, if you are thinking about food, these photos might interest you...not me though...

Everyone rushing for the food...

This one is kinda yummy!! No idea what is it though...

Prawns...everyone seem to enjoy this but never me...I had no idea why...

Chicken head...poor chicken...

Guess what...My grandma and us...Jovian on the top left, JasonToh on the top right and me next to my granny...

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