Acer Iconia W700 - Tablet or Ultrabook?

My sister got a called yesterday from the computer shop telling her that she can go and collect her Acer Iconia W700. Well, definitely she is excited, having to wait almost about a week for her new toy to reach, and most importantly is that she finally owned a tablet - a very powerful one until it can be put on the dock and plugged with USB keyboard and mouse, this device can easily become a productivity device - laptop or desktop or ultrabook, whichever we can think of it.


 I'll play around with the Iconia W700 before blogging about it, but overall Iconia definitely something for those who plan to have productivity device, rather than just a tablet, or ebook reader. It's like getting a two in one device. The only draw back is that you will need to buy your own usb keyboard and mouse as the dock does not come with the keyboard and touchpad.

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