Badminton game and Yong Tou Fu dinner with some uni friends

It has been a while since we started playing badminton and it's a good time to get together in a way. 

Tom and I bought the shuttlecocks, only to realize that they were too light, making it difficult to use for the games. Anyway, there were still a lot of shuttlecock for us to use so it was never really an issue. 

This was where we went to Armanee Condominium, which is quite some distance from where we are staying at the moment. (but it's free...hehe!!)

the badminton court

the new shuttlecock that we bought...wrong choice...zzzz....
I guess we learned our lesson from this so the next time, we will definitely buy the right type of shuttlecock for the game. 

It was pretty fun to spend the time together playing badminton. It is also a healthy activity....helps to maintain our fitness although I'm starting to feel some pain on my knee again. Sigh!

Anyway, after the badminton game, we went to have Yong Tou Fu for dinner.

Not that I fancy the food but it was a great time to hang out together with Tom, Ming Yee, Aaron, Bee Geik and Chuah as well. Too bad that Choon Foong was not able to join us for dinner but it was great to have partners for badminton game. I guess it's time to gather a group of people for futsal as well...

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