Best tablet so far...iPad Mini [Review]

We all know that ever since Apple introducer iPhone, technology is no longer just about specification. 
One can boast about the high speed processor and yet it is the user experience that defines the best product. 

Ever since iPad was around, tablets have been something that have been continuously hitting the markets. We have so many tablets around and with Windows 8, we are talking about hybrid of PC and tablet as well. It shows how people are looking into having a tablet....because of the convenience of working on the go, surfing the net and also doing certain research without having to sit in front of the PC. 

Anyway, after using some different tablets and play with them...Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus, iPad 2, new iPad and also the iPad Mini, I have come to one simple conclusion: the iPad mini beats all of them. No doubt, I have kept certain reservations in terms of Productivity especially since I'm a Windows user and I always believe that without Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point, that product is pretty screwed...but there are a lot of alternatives in the App Store that made it sufficient...this is the only downside I find while using the iPad Mini.

say hi to iPad Mini
Alright, so WHAT IS SO GOOD ABOUT iPAD Mini? We all know that in terms of specification, the iPad Mini is similar to iPad 2, and it is definitely not as good as the new iPad but what makes iPad Mini so good that I decided to call it the best tablet so far is the user experience it brings...thanks to the size and weight.

If you are using the new iPad now, you will probably find it to be a bit difficult to carry along after a while...because it's heavy. Well, not that it's super heavy but it's just not light enough to be carry around. While I was using the iPad mini, I find that I can't leave it fact, it was fun to be able to read, surf the internet and just do some work with it at any place and at any time. 

Here is the difference between some of the available tablets in the market today:

At one glance, it probably won't seem to make much difference between the 7 inches tablet, which is true to a certain extend....but take a look at how much thinner is the iPad Mini....7.2mm in comparison to the rest....while it might not feel much difference if you are holding the tablet for 5 minutes, but once you are playing with it for about half an hour, you'll start to see the difference. And look at the iPad Mini weight in comparison to the bigger's twice lighter...and that makes all the difference. I used to find it fun to carry the iPad 2 with me but after a while, the weight turns me off. When I'm tired and I want to read, I don't want to be holding a big junk....I wanted something light...and that's where iPad Mini comes in. 

Apple put it this way on the official website: iPad Mini, every inch an iPad....which is true...because it works just like an iPad...and though without that cooler Retina Display, the display on the iPad Mini is pretty good on its' own. The reality is this: we hardly compare our display with another tablet display...only once in a while we do that...and that's where iPad Mini comes in flourish and excel at the most important part: the size and weight which makes it extremely portable, extremely useful and you just wouldn't go for other one point, I find myself using it to look at my Facebook, email and etc instead of my iPhone...because the iPad Mini is just as portable as my iPhone and it offers better reading display....

Enough of the size and about the functionality:

BEST eBOOK as well? Probably...

If you are using tablets nowadays, stop looking for games because you are really wasting your money if you're doing that. When I was using the iPad 2 in the past, one of the best part about it is reading eBooks. 

The iPad Mini has the iBook and has all the new features in it:

Using the iPad Mini, you could easily search for a lot of free eBooks using iBook. Besides that you could also upload any PDF files onto it for reading purpose. This is especially good for those who would want to read while waiting in the LRT or while chilling out in Starbucks. 

Alright, this is one of the book that I've been reading using the iPad mini: The Art of War.

By tapping onto a word and hold it, there will be an options for you to Copy, Define, Highlight, Note, Search and even Share. 

I like the Define feature as it helps one to understand the meaning of the word: very user more hassle of looking for definition from Safari. 

Definition shown and you still can search for better understanding using either the Web or Wikipedia..

Taking note is also useful...especially if you are reading on revision helps you to remember important's just like taking studies with you on the go...

Sharing is what defines our community today...we are the generation that loves to share...look at Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare...all of them are popular because of sharing...and with this new feature, I can easily share some of the things that I've been reading either through message or on Facebook and is also another option. A big thumbs up to Apple's new feature in the iBook.

I'm sharing this on Facebook...

You can see the post on the top left hand of my Wall post...

Just like conventional books, one could easily go to Archive to look for the topics and chapters for quick reading purposes.

The Search capability on the iBook also makes it easy for no more turning pages and pages to look for certain search button and you're shown with a list.

Reading is good but reading in the right display is also important. I find it amazing to use the iBook...I can choose some different fonts that are available, and I could also control the brightness directly from the app itself...which is good for the eyes especially during night reading.

Check out some sample fonts on the images above...

The theme colour could also be changed into black...which I find it to be suitable for night reading as the brightness is reduced....much better for the eyes and it also won't disturb your partner from sleeping. 

And if you're tired after reading halfway, BOOKMARK is also an ease...just a tap on the top right button and you could easily come back to where you last read the next time you on your iBook.

Bookmark is easily done using iBook.
Well, what if you are not an avid reader, will the iPad still be of much use for you? Definitely...because the iPad mini is also an amazing planner for you to, managing your time will be an you still need a PA? Definitely not if you're tech savvy and if you're not in a position to have a PA, you won't need one to manage your hectic schedule now.

 iPad Mini is an amazing Planner for you...

You can easily manage your time using the calendar available on the iPad Mini...there are a few ways to views: the day, week, month and year. Unlike the iPhone which is too small when view on a monthly basis, the iPad Mini makes it look a glance, you could actually view all the appointments, meetings, birthdays on the iPad more awkward situation where you saw your friend and forgot that it was his birthday. The calendar feature is also very user friendly. I could even sync all the appointments that I have keyed in on my GMail and Outlook....that's how easy to use. Just sync and I'm good to go.

Here is a sample of the appointment that I have...

The daily view shows in details...could be browse through easily in the morning before work starts

Adding Events is also very easy....I could also invite other people if I wanted to...and reminders are easily available...

CHECK EMAILS USING BLACKBERRY? Now the iPad Mini can kick that aside easily...

People used to be so proud of the Blackberry device because it is useful when it comes to checking email. The push functionality is boasted because it does not reduce battery lifespan as quick as the iPhone or the HTC. But with iPad mini, where battery lifespan will definitely not be an issue, reading an email is fun and easy.

Setting up emails on the iPad mini itself is also easy enough....

Reading emails on the iPad mini is definitely much better than reading it on the iPhone...much bigger with clear display.

NEED A CAMERA? the iPad Mini does that well enough....

Check these images...all taken using the iPad is also beautiful when viewed on the iPad mini itself...Retina display? I don't think I need that....

Well, if you read through the entire reviews, you will find that the iPad Mini actually function and does a lot of things the same way as other tablets and the iPad with Retina Display as well...but what really set this piece of device apart from the rest is the size and the weight and that makes all the difference....

Look at the Surface and many other tablets such as the Samsung Tab family and Nexus family as well...all of them are good but iPad Mini takes all the good with it along with the most important thing: portability...the ability to help one to use it while on the go with ease...simply because of the size and weight...Apple definitely got it right with the iPad mini...

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