Choon Foong's birthday @ WOW Karaoke Box in Sg Wang

Okay...let's be honest...KianHin is never a Karaoke fan. It is okay to go for Karaoke but I really don't understand how people spent 8 hours singing with their friends. Anyway, I had an experience of that on Wednesday night, when my colleagues decided to celebrate Choon Foong's birthday by going for Karaoke....7pm to about 3am....that's 8 hours!!

Well, it was fun to hang around together after have a simple celebration for a friend who is also a colleague. 

Singing with full of emotion...

It was tiring but it was worth while...after all the stress at work, it's good to release it...and singing is definitely one of the best ways to do it...
I also realized that there is an extremely attractive offer for those who love to drink during Karaoke...

either RM1, RM2 or RM3...
Those who went for the Karaoke session were Shea Xian, Natalie, Kev, Lawrence, Ariel, Choon Foong and myself...

Below are some of the snapshots taken...

Foong, Kev, Shea Xian and Natalie

Top: Ariel & I, Bottom: Natalie & I, Right: Lawrence & Ariel duet
Myself, Shea Xian & Natalie
Lawrence & I

Choon Foong actually fall asleep before the cake was there for him right at 12...big boy finally...haha!!

Choon Foong and his birthday wish

Group photo

So what else besides cake and singing? Drinking is definitely part of it....after all, it's only RM1 for one glass...check this out:

Drink Responsibly

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