iPhone 5 - Setting Up and Brief Test Use of the iPhone

This blog post follows after Sneak Preview of the iPhone 5

This morning, finally the sim is activated and the iPhone 5 can go online. Anyway, I was busy syncing some of the apps from my iTunes to the iPhone 5, and since it's been like months I last use the iTunes, i need to re-download the latest version from the apple website.

The process of setting up the iPhone 5 is not tough, anyone can do the job - of course, one will need follow the step one by one. First of all, install the iTunes (min iTunes requirement to sync apps into iOS 6.x.x devices is iTunes 10.6.3, well just to be on the safe side, I install the latest and most updated version of the iTunes)

The iPhone 5 - with casing

iOS 6 loading first time

Then plug the lightning port to the USB port of the laptop and launch iTunes, and iTunes will prompt up to ask whether you want to restore from previous backups or setup as new, in my case, I setup as new. It will then ask for iTunes account and then ask whether you want to use the iCloud, in my case, I choose not - you can still change this option later. Then next up, of course sync all the apps that I downloaded - roughly about 400++ apps as of today, taking about 16GB of the space - still loads of space for photos and musics.

So, for the first day of the iPhone usage, I feel that the battery life is not really that good, it is now at 28% after about almost six hours of usage, although I must agree that I whatsapp a lot, and I put the wifi and 3G on. I tried taking panoramic photos, but it's just so difficult to steady the iPhone and you cannot move the iPhone fast - maybe this needs training.

First time trying to take panoramic photo using iPhone 5

The battery last about 6 hours before I'm taking it for another charge.

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