Jamming while on the way back Ipoh today

Today was feeling quite frustrated. Had to call my house owner to tell her I'll only move everything out by Monday...and then when I was on my way back to Ipoh, the jam was crazy...I left KL bout 10.30am and only reached Ipoh at bout 2.30pm...it was really quite crazy..

There are also a lot of cars on the Emergency lane...guess what? The traffic police were also there...

This is how slow I can go while on the highway...unbelievable...

Jam jam jam...nevertheless it was great to be back Ipoh!! Gonna enjoy my weekend!!

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  1. Oh gosh... So jammed up.. now compensate by eating furiously in Ipoh... hahaha...

  2. Haha!! Ya ya...must enjoy to the max!! Woohoo!!


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