Listen! Listen! Listen!

Lately, there have been a very popular video that has been circulating around YouTube. From this video, it just show how ignorant most people are in our country. This was the recorded version from a university. It shows how intelligent people really are in the tertiary education level. 

I have to salute the student, Miss Bawani for taking the time to Listen, Listen, Listen. Her courage to stand up, to listen and to be insulted in front of such a big crowd deserves credit. 

I found another video by Namewee on YouTube. 

Check out the similarities and you will really be laughing off at this. A real joker....but I totally agreed with one thing.

Why is it that we can't compare with another country but we can compare with animals? It is really a joke to have people such as Miss Sharifah Zohra Jabeen. 

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