PIP Camera - Companion for self-snapshots

PIP Camera is another free photography apps for both the Android and iOS. Try searching "pip camera" in Google Play or iTunes App Store and then you are on your way to download and install the app on your smartphone.

The app has the motto " PIP Camera is the best companion for self-snapshots! Make your photos extra fun with creative shots!" which is indeed quite true. It must be one of the best, if it is not the best, especially for people who like to do self-snapshots using smartphones - since most smartphones equipped with the front camera. And since it is free and takes up to 30MB of space for iOS and 17MB of space for Android, the app is worth a try. The app is preloaded with the template use to edit photos and this library of templates is constantly update with the pic-in-pic (PIP - this is how the app get its name, I assume) material.

I only manage to try it on the iPhone 5 which is using iOS 6, and perhaps that is why sharing of the photo to social network like Facebook and Twitter seems so easy. I download some of the pic-in-pic material like iPad and iPhones and have fun editing photos of myself. Good thing is that the app can be use on devices without camera like my iPod Touch, of course you can only edit the photo while for devices with camera, you can directly edit the photo using camera mode - and did not seems to lag on the iPhone 5.

Overall, I found the app is nice and easy to use, and since it's free, it is really worth to download and play with it. It won't hurt to get extra photography app, well, at least to me.

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